Goodbye, Pretty Little Liars

For the last seven years, my Tuesdays have been consumed by the teen crime drama, Pretty Little Liars. While I laughed at how outrageous it was every episode and how it could/should have ended multiple times, I was genuinely sad to hear the show was finally coming to an end. Even last night during the series finale, I got goosebumps during the theme song where all five girls made the original “shhh” hand gesture instead of the original one. Regardless of how many murders the girls were involved in, how many times they escaped death, or even how many people ended up related, I feel like my high school, college, and post-college self grew up with them. I am thankful I grew up without living in such a murderous town. So in honor of the ending of an era, I say goodbye to Spencer, Hanna, Aria, Emily, and Alison.


Spencer, thank you for being the most rational person on the show. You were the voice of reason for the group with a bit of sass. You were my favorite character because you were the perfect example of how someone’s life may look perfect on the outside but could be completely depressed on the inside. After being committed, you still came out on top and stronger than ever. Thank you for always reminding everyone to fight through all the pain.


Hanna, thank you for being the stereotypical dumb blonde. Let’s be honest, every friend group needs one of you. I should know, I sometimes am that friend. You, like Spencer, were perfect at breaking the intensity of the show with a comment. You consistently felt the need to be strong and emotionless and showed how hard it is to always live like you were fine. So thank you for being a breath of fresh air and reminding us that being weak sometimes does not mean you aren’t strong.


Aria, you were the definition of someone who follows her heart. Yes, your relationship with Ezra was a huge part of it but not all of it. Whether it was the right thing (like sticking by Ezra) or the wrong thing (like joining the A.D. team for awhile), you always did what you thought was best and what you needed in your life. You were one of the most passionate people on the show. Thank you for reminding us that nothing worth having is easy to get.


Emily, your ability to see the best in everyone was inspiring. You became friends with Toby when everyone hated him. You stayed by Alison’s side even when she treated you like crap because you knew, deep down, she was a better person. While it did you get you into trouble sometimes, I still thank you for reminding us not to judge a book by the cover.


Alison, let’s be honest. You were a pretty awful person and friend for most of the series but after everything with Charlotte, you changed. You became a better friend, someone who was caring and recognized that you had made mistakes. You taught me that people change and to give them a second chance. We don’t always know what has happened in people’s lives to make them who they are. Thank you for reminding us not to let bad events define us and that there is always time to change who we are.

Yes, I will miss the drama of Tuesdays and the Liars, but it was time to say goodbye. All of us PLL fans have learned so much, like the wrong ways to cover up a murder, but also the importance of friendship and many other things over the last seven years.


What did you think of the finale? I am still processing Spencer’s British accent… Tweet us @Litdarling

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