Are Hemp Seeds the Secret Solution to Stress?

Feeling Stressed? Use Hemp Seeds

You cannot deny the fact that life is stressful. Although people live in a progressive and more convenient world today, there is still no doubt that the place we live in is complicated and stressful, more stressful than in the past.

The good thing is, hemp seeds exist! Since the 2018 United States farm bill has been legislated, hemp byproducts have become a popular remedy, specifically for stress.

What are the signs of stress?

First off, we need to understand the signs of stress. Out of millions of Americans who are suffering from stress, chances are, you can be one of them. And little did we know, stress has been affecting us in many different ways. 

Stress is different for everyone. The common causes of stress are school, bullies, an unhappy environment, heavy workload, insecurities, death of a loved one, breakup, and many others. Stress can also be present if you are becoming impatient, always worrying about what to do next, comparing your life with other people who are moving forward faster than you. In general, your stress level will depend on your personality and how you cope with life.

Being under stress affects your social life, mental health, physical health – basically, your whole life. Typically, when your body reacts to stress, your lungs, heart, hormones, and nervous system can potentially be negatively affected. The most common symptoms would be headaches (mild or chronic), difficulty in breathing, and rapid heartbeat.

What are Hemp Seeds?

Hemp seeds are from the hemp plant, not from marijuana. Hemp and marijuana are both cannabis plants, but they do not have the same properties. Hemp has a lower THC, while marijuana has higher THC. Having higher THC means psychoactive properties—a drug that can in some cases negatively affect your health. 

Although it is worth noting that there are also some less impactful products on the market like these Delta 8 Disposables, which have been described as THC light, and offer a calm and focused mood, without paranoia and other negative side effects. 

However, if you prefer hemp seeds, it’s important to know that they can provide a range of benefits and can offer you the nutrients that your body needs. It’s packed with phytocannabinoids like CBD, macronutrients, micronutrients, and many more. That’s why it is dubbed to be one of the most powerful superfoods you can eat. 

Aside from that, industrial hemp seeds contain magnesium, iron, and amino acids that play a significant role in stress management. That’s why most hemp products are known to be for pain relief, stress relief, and anxiety relief. 

Here are some nutrients found in hemp that can help in relieving stress. 


Hemp seed is a great source of magnesium, containing 45% for only three tablespoons which is much higher than other greens and vegetables. Magnesium supports neurotransmitter functions in the body that can reduce anxiety and stress. If you are not getting enough magnesium, your body will produce high amounts of stress hormones, and your blood sugar level will spike up. 

Amino Acids

Sustained stress results in an increase of cortisol, the so-called “stress hormone,” and a reduction of serotonin, which is also called the “happy hormone.” It also affects other neurotransmitters in the brain, like dopamine that has been associated with depression.

Amino acids play a significant role in this neurotransmission process. Studies have shown that amino acids can improve serotonin levels and decrease cortisol levels. The good news is, hemp seeds are rich in amino acids. The more hemp seeds you eat, the more benefit of the amino acids you’ll experience. Like magnesium, if you do not have enough amino acids, your body will produce more stress hormones. 


Iron helps in the production of oxygen in your body, making it a vital ingredient in managing your stress. Hemp seeds contain almost 15% of the iron needed of your body in just three tablespoons. 

Vitamin B

B vitamins help in boosting your metabolism and regulate the stress hormones that are produced. It also helps in balancing the chemicals in your brain, as well as in your body. These vitamins help in maintaining a healthy nervous system, too. 

How to Consume Hemp Seeds

The standard serving of hemp seeds is three tablespoons daily. Since hemp seeds have a nutty flavor, they are best mixed with salads, smoothies, yogurts, ice cream, oatmeal, and the like. You can also produce hemp butter, hemp flour, and hemp milk with hemp. 

Despite its nutty flavor, people with nut allergies can consume hemp seeds. People who are sensitive to gluten can use hemp seeds as a substitute to breadcrumbs and as a coating for chicken or fish. You can also blend hemp and water to make hemp milk as an alternative to dairy milk. Hemp seed oil can be used to drizzle on top of cooked food, but typically not as a cooking oil. 

Stress ruins the lives of many people. However, don’t let stress control how you deal with circumstances in your life. To best manage stress, it is vital to have enough sleep, a balanced diet, and a positive outlook in life. But there are other ways to relieve your stress, like using hemp seeds. Give it a try, and it might just help you manage your life again. 

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