How to Spring into Action During the Winter

Have you had enough of the cold winter months now? You’re not the only one. And while there are probably a few more weeks to go until it starts to warm up and we see signs of spring, you can put a spring in your step and start preparing for the next season now. This way, you should banish the winter blues and get a head start on the new season. You can get yourself re-energized and motivated for change so that when spring is here, you are ready to make the most of it. Spring is a time of new beginnings, whether it’s new life, a new season, or just new glasses lenses like the ones found here to help you see clearer, it’s something to look forward to. If you’ve struggled throughout winter, then you’ll be looking forward to spring and it will undoubtedly improve your overall mood and energy. So, what can you do to spring into action now?

Spring Clean

Start getting clean now, don’t leave it. Whether it’s sorting out the garage or decluttering your house, just generally getting organised will make your home feel more spacious, larger and cleaner and your mind will feel the same. Cleaning can be really therapeutic anyway, but it can also help to clear your mind and organise your thoughts.

Remove Bad Habits

It’s understandable to develop bad habits over the winter, but if you want to get rid of the winter blues, then one thing you can do is try to remove them. Whether it’s eating too many takeaways, drinking too much or watching too much TV, take the time to look at your bad habits and what you’d like to do instead and then focus on one bad habit at a time, and take your time with it. Many behaviors take 30 days of consecutive action to fully become a habit. 

Banish Negativity

Don’t just spring clean your home and mind, try spring cleaning everything and that includes negative talk and thoughts. Get rid of any tendencies to gossip or constantly complain as while sometimes venting can be good for you and can help to get rid of stress, constantly complaining and thinking about things that have hurt you in the past can be really debilitating. You need to banish thoughts of self-doubt too. Notice when you think negatively and be aware of your thoughts and try and change them as you notice them.

Introduce Greenery

It’s easy to get into a habit of eating stodgy comfort food in the winter and this can leave you feeling heavy and sluggish. Start introducing more lighter and greener food now like nice fresh salads and fresh fish. Head down to the market for some fresh veg and get inventive with what you can make. 

Go Out

Even though it still feels cold and can be miserable at times, make an effort to get outdoors more. If you get outside now and go for a walk each day or a couple of times a week, you’ll see the season change and appreciate the leaves on the trees and the lighter mornings and evenings. Then you can start embracing some outdoor exercise if you want to too. 

Get mindful

If you don’t already practice mindfulness, start now. This doesn’t have to be a full meditation, but just adding it to your life will soon banish those blues. There are mindfulness apps which you can try or even just take up a new activity such as art, yoga, or journaling which allows you some peace and quiet. This is a step towards mindfulness.

Reconnect With Others

Now that Christmas and New Year is out of the way and the long, miserable month of having no money in January is gone, it’s time to get your social life back on track and make plans with family and friends. Nothing feels better than a good belly laugh with good friends, so get in touch with those that you always have a good laugh with and nurture those relationships. It can be difficult as everyone gets older, gets married, has children and other commitments, but it’s important to make an effort with your friendships and keep them alive. Plus, once the weather starts to warm up properly, there’s lots of things you can do outside too. 

Practice Gratitude

Now is also a really good time to refocus on things and look at what you’re grateful for. Every day, write down three things that you are grateful for, it could be as simple as the nice bath you just had, but just being grateful and positive can make a huge difference to your happiness and will make your spring a happy one too. 

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