Ways To Get Ready For & Recover From The Holidays

By Uma Campbell

The holiday season has begun with Thanksgiving kicking off the end of the year craze. The season is a time of joy and celebration for millions of people worldwide, but the holidays also require preparation, and preparing for a big event can be stressful. The end result of holiday preparations is usually incredible, but the work it takes to get to that point may not be an option for many this year. If you are tasked with getting your household ready for the holidays, hosting a gathering, preparing a holiday dinner, and or want to decorate for the season with PolarX Ornaments, but you do not want to add more stress to your already busy life, use these tips and tricks to get the job done without burning yourself out in the process. Use these life and holiday hacks to get ready for the holidays without sacrificing your own happiness or bank account, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor and see your holiday preparations pay off. 

Home DIY Decor

It is not uncommon to see stores display holiday decorations and merchandise as soon as the Halloween decorations come down, but that doesn’t mean buying store decorations is a good idea. In 2020, when going to a physical store is already a risky call, and online retailers have stock and or shipping issues, making your own decorations at home might be the best call. Thankfully, making your holiday decorations is not terribly hard as there are many different online guides for ideas or instructions. Use materials you already have around the house like coffee filters, tissue paper, cardboard boxes, and disperse dyes you use for tie-dyeing to make creative home decor. From garland to custom ornaments, window decorations, table runners, or mantle toppers, there is nothing you can’t make at home with some DIY magic and some creativity. Put on a relaxing show to marathon and make a family crafting day so everyone can help make the house festive while lowering the individual workload. 

Power Of Smell

If you can’t visually prepare your home for the holidays, there are easy and relaxing ways to use your other senses to create a holiday season feeling. Use smells that remind you of this time of year to get you in the mood. You can use candles or incense to fill your space with whatever scent you choose, but be careful with potential fire hazards and keep an eye on any active flames. If your home has a fireplace, start up a fire after dinner to create a cozy atmosphere similar to a cabin in the woods. What you cook also affects the smells in your home. Make holiday cookies or snacks as a family and enjoy the smells that come off fresh chocolate chip cookies or homemade cider. Do be careful with how much holiday foods you eat, though, as an unhealthy dietary change coupled with stress can cause a slew of issues, including insomnia, candidiasis, and more. 

Before And After Alone Time

The holidays are a significant time of year that often comes with pressure, expectations, stress, and a lot of work. Preparing and recovering from the holidays can be a vital step many people ignore. Once the preparations are done, and all that’s left is to wait for late December to arrive, take some time for yourself to recharge before the holidays hit in earnest. Once the holidays are over, take some time to recoup and reground before moving back to your regular routine. An extra day for yourself after the new year’s craziness can be the perfect mental vacation to get you ready to go back to everyday life. After the holidays, practicing self-care is not selfish, and taking a little bit of time for yourself after the intense holiday season is perfectly reasonable. Stop to reflect on the holidays, journal your experiences, make a note of everything you are grateful for, sit outside with a good book for an hour, try mediation, or indulge with a bath bomb to unwind and get ready for the next year. 

The holidays can be the best season of the year, but it takes a lot of work for the end of the year celebrations to go off without a hitch. Instead of panic buying decorations, use materials at home to make personal and eco-friendly DIY decor. Leverage the power of smells to set the mood at home and get in the holiday spirit. Give yourself a break before the most challenging part of the holidays hit and after the holidays are over. The end of the year is stressful for everyone, and practicing some self-care after making it through is a perfectly reasonable decision. Follow these tips and tricks to prepare for and recover after the holidays without breaking the bank or adding to your already full plate. 

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