11 Things Your Home Décor Reveals About Your Personality

Your home decor can reveal a lot about your personality as it represents you. We’re here to present you with eleven things your home décor reveals about your personality that you probably weren’t aware of.

Additional Seats

If you are one of those people who always have more seating than needed, it signifies that you are very welcoming and that you like having people over.

This way, you are basically inviting people to visit you and you’re constantly doing your best to make everybody feel comfortable and homey.

Alternative Decorations

This most commonly implies that you want to present your boho lifestyle and free spirit personality, by selecting “alternative” decorations and objects like ornaments, wall art, sculptures, or similar items to make your living space or office look unusual and peculiar.

In most cases, those items are intended to tell a tale or symbolize something, to make you more impressive to visitors or co-workers.

Take a look at the Skull Bliss website for more impressions on how to implement the alternative decorations in your living or workspace.

Color Choices

It’s a well-known fact that certain colors can incite emotions in people or even exhibit someone’s personality.

  • Green – A color symbolizing vitality and safety.
  • Blue – Depending on the tone of blue, it has several implications like zeal, tranquillity, and reliability.
  • Red – A vigorous color that shows you are a welcoming host.
  • Purple – Shows that you’re broad-minded and a spiritual character.
  • Yellow – Shows that you’re an unusual, self-confident, and witty character.
  • White – You’re a simple, but clean and organized homeowner.
  • Black – Shows an assertive and complex nature.
  • Brown – It can signify kindness and reliability.

Lots of Personal Photos

This ordinarily indicates that you are a nostalgic person, that likes to be reminded of pleasant memories and reminiscence about some magnificent moments from the past, by simply having multiple personal photos all-around the place.

The State Of Your Place Overall

A lot can be said about someone based on the state of their living or workspace. For instance, if there is clutter, dust, and mess everywhere, it means two things – that you are either passive or simply proves that you are not obsessing with non-vital things and that you have something more meaningful to concentrate on.

On the other hand, more anxious people seem to keep their place more organized and tidy.

Fine Art

This is usually extravagant and it means that you are an artistic soul and that you are appreciating art by collecting and showcasing it at your place.

Vintage Stuff

If your home decor consists of lots of vintage pieces, ordinarily it suggests that you’re sophisticated, knowledgeable and that you appreciate history.

Collection Of Books

Reading and collecting books is a passion for many, and if your place is filled with bookcases and shelves, it suggests that you are an open-minded person who is willing to try out some new things and approaches in life.

Traveling Mementos

Walking into your place and observing all sorts of traveling mementos – from simplistic souvenirs to keepsakes of your past journeys indicates that you are an explorer with lots of experience, and every individual item tells a story from a different place that you have visited.


Although plants cannot speak, they can say a lot about you. Your guests can assume things about you just by glancing at your plants, based on their current state. For instance, whether they are lush and full of life or fading and dry. Furthermore, every type of plant can give hints about you as well.

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