5 Tips For Creating A Non-Toxic Nursery For Your Baby

By Jasmine Anderson

Every parent wants what is best for their child, naturally. It is very easy to get caught up in cute baby products, furniture such as cribs, a nursery dresser and toys, but in reality, they aren’t always as safe as you’d hope for your baby. When talking about a non-toxic environment for the baby, let’s start with the products your baby will be spending the most time with, in, or close to. 

Use toxin-free cleaners

Almost every cleaner there is has at least one ingredient that is not good for the baby. Turns out, a clean home is not a safe home anymore. Products like disinfectant sprays and ever-so-popular disinfectant wipes contain pesticides. And when you think about how your little one will touch those same surfaces, then put their hands in their mouth, cleaning does not sound like a good solution anymore. 

What you can do to protect your little one is read the labels of cleaning products, and choose ones that list non-toxic ones. Or, an even better solution – make your homemade cleaning supplies.

Choose your bedding carefully

For the first few months of their life, your baby will be sleeping most of the time. And wherever that may be – in your bed, in their bassinet, or a lounger – try to choose organic, unbleached bedding for your baby. If you want an all-white look, choose 100 percent cotton sets that specifically state unbleached or untreated. If you want pops of colour in your baby’s room, try to find something that has been dyed organically. 

Loungers are also a great option for a newborn because they feel like a hug. Snuggle Me Organic loungers will have your baby thinking they are in your arms, all the while being safe in a completely toxin-free environment. 

Use wooden toys and teethers

Wood is the most natural material there is for toys. For a non-toxic playroom, try to use toys that are mainly or completely made of wood, or ensure that they do not contain any PVC or BPA – very toxic materials. Luckily, there are plenty of local crafting stores and businesses that make their toys from scratch, completely transparently stating what they are made of. Search for those types of stores to buy your baby toys, while supporting small businesses. 

Try to avoid plastic teethers as well. They may contain harmful materials, and your baby will be nibbling on them when they start teething. Try finding a baby blanket with a built-in wooden teether for a 2-in-1 soother. 

Air out the room

We grew up being taught that fresh air is good for us, and we all air out our rooms as often as we can. However, in the past couple of decades, the quality of air degraded drastically. These days, fresh air can be found deep in the forest, far away from traffic, so that you can breathe cleaner air.  If you open the window to let in ‘fresh air’ – you will let in mostly dust, smog, and other harmful particles. 

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For truly pure air, try to use air purifiers. They will most certainly give you the best air quality there is. 


We are all trained to think that babies smell a certain way, but the truth is, that babies smell the best when they have no scent on them.  All of the baby products containing fragrance, also contain harmful ingredients like formaldehyde or alcohol. Baby wipes, baby soaps, powders, even fabric softeners, all end up on the baby’s skin, absorbing all of those harmful ingredients. 

The truth is, the simpler you go, the healthier it is for the baby. Using a wet towel instead of baby wipes, or vinegar instead of fabric softener, or coconut oil instead of a rash cream – are all completely natural, healthy, and cheap options. The same goes for the mamas. You will better connect with your baby if you avoid perfume because their olfactory system is made to react to your natural smell. 

Who knew that so many common household items could be potentially very dangerous to babies? With this knowledge, you can create a non-toxic nursery that is safe for the entire family. 

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