5 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Coolsculpting

If you’re trying to target fat in certain areas of the body, you may want to find out more about coolsculpting. This fat-destroying procedure allows you to target fat cells in specific sections of the body. Before schedule coolsculpting, of course, you’ll want to meet with a doctor and get a few questions out of the way.

1. Am I a Good Candidate for Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting can be incredibly effective, but not every patient is a good candidate for this procedure. The best candidates are people that are near a healthy weight that want to target stubborn pockets of fat. Coolsculpting is best suited to targeting problem areas rather than the entire body.

If you’re considering coolsculpting, your best option is to schedule an appointment with a professional that offers this procedure. If you are a good candidate, you’ll be able to learn more about what the procedure could do for you.

2. How Long Will It Take to See Results?

Some patients can see results in as little as two to three weeks, but most patients can expect to see the full results of their treatment in about three to four months. Since results can vary, it’s best to talk to a professional about what you can expect.

There are steps you can take that can speed up the results you see from coolsculpting, such as exercising and making changes to your diet. By combining coolsculpting with healthy lifestyle changes, you’ll be able to see faster and more dramatic results from the procedure.

3. How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The number of treatments you will need will vary based on the amount of fat in your problem area and the sections that are being targeted. For example, patients usually need about two treatments to target stomach fat.

It’s important to ask your doctor about how many treatments you’re likely to need for a number of reasons. The number of treatments needed will have a direct impact on cost, and it will also have an impact on how long it takes for you to achieve your desired results.

4. What Should I Avoid Doing Before Coolsculpting?

For best results, there are a few things you’ll want to avoid in the days leading up to your treatment or treatments. As an example, your doctor is likely to tell you to stay away from any supplements or medications that are classified as blood thinners.

You should have an in-depth conversation with your doctor ahead of time so that you’ll know what to stay away from before fat freezing. Following your doctor’s advice will improve your experience with coolsculpting overall.

5. How Can I Get the Best Results?

As mentioned previously, making changes to your diet and exercising more regularly can improve the results that you achieve with coolsculpting. Coolsculpting is able to remove fat cells beneath the skin. If you take extra steps to remove fat cells, you can expect to see a much more significant difference.

You’ll want to talk to your doctor about other steps that you should take before and after your procedure. Your doctor might suggest that you try wearing a compression garment or that you stay away from certain types of medications in the weeks to come. Discussing with your doctor can also help you to have realistic expectations about the outcome of your procedure.

Although not everyone is a candidate for coolsculpting, this procedure can be an incredibly effective way to get rid of excess fat. Diet and exercise are effective, but they aren’t always able to address stubborn pockets of fat. Coolsculpting can be a way to take back control and get the look that you want.

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