Why You Need Toner in Your Skincare Routine

Toner is that one underrated beauty product that most women don’t know that they need but it can do amazing things for your skin. The function of a toner is to balance your skin’s PH balance and remove any excess dirt or oil residue left on your skin after you cleanse. Toners also stimulate blood flow to assist in the regeneration of new cells in the epidermis. Probably the best part about toners is that if you are using other skincare products such as moisturizers or sunscreen, it becomes impossible to overdo it because toners don’t provide the same benefits as these products. By adding a toner to your skincare routine, you will notice your skin becoming much brighter with more of an even tone to your complexion. If you need more convincing, here is why you need to add a toner to your skincare routine.

Why you need a toner in your skincare routine 

A toner is a skincare product that is used to cleanse the skin as well as shrink the appearance of pores on the face. Additionally, toners can moisturize, refresh and protect the skin without stripping your skin of its natural moisture. This is good because it means that toners will not irritate sensitive skin or cause any dryness. Using a toner is important because it prepares your skin to absorb the other products in your skincare routine such as moisturizers and serums. You will find a variety of different toners, especially online at sites like Misumi Skincare, along with many other skincare products, including: 

  1. Hydrating toners: These are the gentlest toners available that refreshes your skin and provides a boost of hydration.
  2. Exfoliating toners: Exfoliating toners are considered the secret to glowing skin and these toners enhance cleansing by getting rid of dead skin cells on the skin’s top layer as well flakiness, roughness, and dullness. These toners keep your pores clean as well as reduce them in size.
  3. Treatment toners: These toners are designed to target specific skin problems such as anti-aging, brightening, soothing, and balancing. 

If you have dry skin, avoid alcohol-based toners and instead opt for hydrating toners with a cream base. People with oily skin should choose a gentle toner that has oil-free ingredients and people with acne-prone skin should also avoid alcohol-based toners.

How to use toner 

Toning your skin is one of the most important steps in your skin care regimen and you should be doing it every single day, twice a day in the morning and at night. Make sure the toner you use is compatible with your skin and if you start to notice your skin getting dry or irritated, reduce your usage to once a day or every other day. The reason why you want to use a toner religiously is that it cleanses your skin, reduces your pores, brightens your complexion, and evens out your skin tone. In addition to this, toning your skin allows the other products that you are going to use, to be absorbed into your skin better. You can apply toner directly with your hands by gently patting it into your skin or you can use the most common method which is using a cotton pad to apply toner onto your face in a gentle sweeping motion. You can also get spray toners as well. It is recommended that you apply toner onto a dry face especially PH balancing toners. After cleansing, pat your face dry with a clean towel, apply some toner onto a cotton pad, and then spread it all around your face and neck. Once this step is done, your face will be ready to absorb your other skincare products. 

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The benefits of using a toner

Overall, a toner will make your skin look better and will protect your skin from external elements. Toners also temporarily tighten your skin and just give a general soothing effect when applied. Toners are effective in removing makeup and oils and it helps your skin retain moisture. Toners are refreshing and they reduce the appearance of pores which is especially helpful because open pores result in blackheads forming. According to experts, using the right toner every day can even prevent breakouts from occurring.

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