Farewell 2022, Time to Run Away From Home for a Month-Long Trip

Decades ago, taking a month-long trip would have been a dream for the large majority of us. Today in our globalized, highly-connected world, taking a month-long trip is common. However, to make the most of your experience and avoid unnecessary annoyances, you’ll have to prepare accordingly.  

Read on to learn how to take a month-long trip the right way. 

Find the Right Accommodation 

When it comes to extended trips, accommodation is the biggest challenge. Spending a month in a hotel can be not only incredibly expensive but also highly inconvenient. Although you may enjoy the feeling of being on holiday the first few days, the lack of amenities will ultimately become a nuisance. Choosing the right accommodation is critical if you’re taking your job with you as a remote worker or have special dietary restrictions and want a kitchen.

For month-long trips, the best option in terms of accommodation is a short-term rental apartment. This option helps you recreate the feeling of comfort and convenience you only experience at home. 

Even in a major city like Toronto, you can find large, furnished apartments in elegant buildings at the same price or even cheaper than a hotel room. Check monthly short term rentals Toronto to discover why a furnished apartment is your best option for a longer stay. 

Create the Perfect Packing List 

After sorting out your accommodation, the most important thing you need to do is create a packing list. You may think that the longer your trip, the more you have to pack, but this is not necessarily true. Even if you’re going on an extended trip, you can still pack light. However, this depends on your accommodation. Will you be staying in a hotel or a furnished apartment? A furnished apartment will have everything you can find in a regular home, so you’ll only need your clothes and toiletries.

To decide what to pack, consider your schedule too. How will you spend your time? Will you have business meetings or attend formal events? Do you plan to check the nightlife or walk many kilometers daily to sightsee? Regardless of the activities in your schedule, remember to pack a multi-purpose wardrobe. 

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Research Your Destination 

For a great travel experience, it can be helpful to research your destination in advance and have a rough idea about how you will spend your days. You may feel that having a month at your disposal is a lot, but without proper planning, there’s always the risk of letting the days slip by. 

Without researching your destination, you may feel overwhelmed about how much there is to do and end up missing out on excellent opportunities. The research phase is critical when taking a month-long trip. Skipping it will give your trip more spontaneity but no structure. Without structure, you may feel stressed. The minimum you can do is download some useful travel apps to rely on while away. 

A month-long trip can be a wonderful break from routine. However, being away from home for so long is never easy. To have a great experience no matter where you’re traveling, use the tips above. 

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