How to Make Body Positivity an Everyday Habit

Body positivity is an interesting term referring to a newer sense of responsibility about how we perceive our own and others’ bodies. Like any new perspective rooted in empathy, sometimes it can be hard to define or to know how to promote, but when we do, we find that some of the artificial standards we may have been living by thus far can become a little more flexible, and a lot less commanding.

The truth is that body positivity is helping many people reassert themselves, find communities that support one another, and help them accept who they are and the bodies they have. Note that this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be 100% static in your body and never have work done, never wear the best BBL fajas, never get tattooed or pierced, or never seek to lose a little weight after the festive period.

What body positivity means is not shaming yourself for having the body you have, and working towards becoming healthy, without so much of the self-dismissal we can carry around with us regardless. In this post, we’ll discuss how to better promote body positivity in your personal life, too.

Celebrate Who You Are

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It’s important to celebrate who you are, with no two ways about it. This is because those who feel they have something to hide are often those who seemingly don’t ‘fit the standard,’ perhaps by carrying weight in a certain way, needing particular clothing sizes to fit them, or because of features like birthmarks or moles that help them stand out. But this makes you unique, and beautiful, and can serve as a wonderful hallmark of who you are. If you celebrate that, you realize that being ashamed is the silliest approach.

Support Those You Love

It’s important to remember that those around us could also be struggling with body image issues, and so it’s important to support them. When you compliment others, or help them feel good about themselves, it creates an environment where you both feel nurtured and appreciative. That said, it’s important to expect this kind of treatment too, as those who criticize you for immutable characteristics are rarely friends.

Never Judge Or Criticize Another’s Body

Ultimately, it’s never our place to talk about another’s body, and certainly not in a judging or criticizing manner. The truth is that when we do this, we’re not only hurting the person we’re talking about either directly or indirectly, but ourselves too, because we are reinforcing that some kind of bodies are simply not acceptable. This is a painful and crushing judgement to have in the back of your subconscious, as it brings nothing good into the world at all. If you never judge or criticize the body of another, you’ll tacitly suggesting that it’s not okay to do the same to you, either. This helps you stay consistent on a moral basis, and it helps you understand what your thoughts on the matter are.

With this advice, you’re certain to promote body positivity in your personal life as and when it deserves to be.

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