4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bikini for Your Next Vacation

group of women wearing bikini on body of water

When creating your packing list for your upcoming vacation, one of the most important items of them all, although admittedly only if you have booked a beach holiday in the sunshine, is your swimwear.

Choosing the right bikini which strikes the perfect balance between how you feel and how comfortable you are in your bikini with support, practicality, and aesthetic look can sometimes be more than a little tricky.

To combat this, continue reading to learn four top tips for choosing the perfect bikini for your next vacation. 

Two Pieces Do Not Have to Match

One of the most perpetuated myths about bikinis and two-piece swimming costumes is that the top and the bottom must be the same color and style and come as part of a set.

The truth, however, is that you can express your individual sense of style and personality much more effectively if you mix and match different bikini tops with separate bikini bottoms. You can make this combination as natural and understated, or conversely as ostentatious and striking, as you so choose.  

You Cannot Go Wrong with Black

Just as the classic little black dress should always be a wardrobe staple of any woman, regardless of body shape, age or personal sense of style, so too should a beautifully stylish and supportive black bikini

Not only is a black bikini the perfect choice for those women who are not feeling entirely comfortable with their body yet still want to enjoy the feel of the freedom given by a two-piece, but black will also help make you feel comfortable and maybe a little sexy. 

Choose a Style to Suit Your Body Shape

As every woman is already fully aware, when clothing sizes come in standardized numbers or measurements, it is often incredibly hard to make this standardized number fit and instead, it is much more effective to select a bikini which suits your shape. 

Below is a basic guide to different body shapes and the style and shape of bikini which is more likely to suit such a shape:

  • Apple Shape: High-cut leg and straight necklines
  • Hourglass Shape: Solid colors and bow and frill waist details
  • Pear Shape: Underwired top and dark color bottoms
  • Straight Line Shape: Contrasting colors on top and bottom

Invest in a Tailor-made Bikini

As previously noted, there are a plethora of reasons why buying a bikini off the shelf, so to speak, may not be the best idea as no woman fits into the standard ‘idea’ of the measurements of a real woman. 

Instead, another option is to invest in a tailor-made bikini which will provide a myriad of advantages which you simply cannot attain from a high-street bikini. Such benefits of having a bikini custom-made include a perfect fit and a virtual guarantee that your bikini will stay on your body and in the right place when you are swimming, which is always a great bonus.

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