Dubai’s most profitable areas for real estate investment

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Are you planning to buy a property in Dubai for investment, but do not know where it is more profitable to do it? The city has many districts to find an advantageous one. AX Capital shares information about the most profitable areas, their advantages and attractive features for investors.

Why Dubai is a promising investment destination

The emirate is second to none in all real estate matters. There are a lot of impressive skyscrapers, elite residential complexes and luxury villas for sale in Dubai. This place is the center of unique buildings, which have no alternative in other countries. However, people are wondering how relevant investments are in the emirate.

Due to many futuristic projects and unique residential complexes, the emirate is a powerful magnet for investors. Although housing prices may be high in some areas, their development prospects make them the best investment-attractive destinations in the city.

List of the most popular areas to invest in flats in Dubai

When it comes to buying real estate, flats are the most promising option. The most sought-after districts with apartments for sale in Dubai are Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) and Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is an area of opportunity and one of the most popular and profitable investment destinations in the emirate. This stunning coastal community is rich in amenities and leisure locations.

This neighborhood has many skyscrapers and apartments. Various retail outlets and gourmet restaurants has made it a favorite among buyers and entrepreneurs. The Emaar Bluewaters Island project will also be attractive for a long time.

Local prices remain stable. The average ROI is 5.80%. 

Below is the average value, depending on the type:

• studio – AED 754,000 ($205,200);

• 1-bedroom flats – AED 1.2 million ($326,700);

• 2-bedroom housing – AED 1.8 million ($490,000);

• 3-bedroom apartments – AED 3 million ($816,700).

Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai, the city’s central district, is consistently popular with investors, owing to its proximity to key attractions.

The neighborhood is home to the Burj Khalifa Skyscraper, the Dubai Mall and Al Bahar Market. It is famous for luxury residential complexes in the heart of the city and low-cost flats in the Old Town. This community will remain attractive for a long time, because the local attractions are tempting for many people.

The district offers a luxurious lifestyle. Higher prices do not detract from attractive flats on the secondary market. The average ROI is 5.18%.

Prices here are higher than the average in the city:

• studio – an average of AED 1 million ($272,200);

• 1-bedroom flats – AED 1.5 million ($408,300);

• 2-bedroom housing – AED 3 million ($816,700);

• 3–bedroom apartments – AED 4.9 million ($1.3 million).

Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)

JLT buildings offers some of the best investment-attractive properties in the city.

When it comes to affordable off-plan properties for sale in Dubai for investment, JLT is a great choice. High-rise apartments are located opposite Dubai Marina. However, they offer similar amenities at a lower price, making them more investment-attractive.

The ROI in Jumeirah Lake Towers is 6.82%. Residents have access to a wide range of restaurants, cafés, bars, entertainment venues and wellness complexes, including gyms, swimming pools and fitness centers. For shopping enthusiasts, there is the Dubai Marina Shopping Center across the street, and Ibn Battuta and Mall of the Emirates shopping centers are a short drive away.

Below is the average real estate value in JLT, depending on configurations:

• studio – AED 451,000 ($122,700);

• 1–bedroom flats – AED 822,000 ($223,700);

• 2-bedroom housing – AED 1.3 million ($353,900);

• 3–bedroom apartments – AED 1.5 million ($408,300).

Dubai Silicon Oasis

Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) is one of the best investment-attractive areas. It is popular with investors and buyers interested in affordable flats. This is a sought-after community with a lot of low-cost commercial areas, developed infrastructure and public spaces, such as parks and restaurants. There are also kindergartens, international schools and medical clinics.

DSO was planned as a center for technology startups but quickly turned into a busy residential district. People who want to live here will have access to many types of real estate. The return on investment in DSO is 6.82%.

Apartments in this area range from cozy studios to spacious 3-bedroom flats. This makes it perfect for all categories of potential buyers, from young professionals to families with children.

The average property value is:

• studio – AED 327,000 ($89,000);

• 1–bedroom flats – AED 473,000 ($128,700);

• 2–bedroom housing – AED 801,000 ($218,000);

• 3–bedroom apartments – AED 1.1 million ($274,900).

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