4 Best Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day When Single

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Love and romance spread across the globe faster than Cupid can aim and shoot his arrow. And while many singles are wondering how to make the most out of the Valentine’s Day holiday minus the love fest, you’ll be happy to know that — with a little planning — you can make it a celebration all about loving yourself.

With half of the American population estimated to be single, you won’t be spending Valentine’s Day alone anyway. And who knows? You might meet your new best friend on a Valentine’s Day adventure planned for singles. Check out these four top ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day when single.

1. Book a Solo Adventure

Gone are the days of worrying about traveling alone and suffering boredom without a companion. Now, you can explore dozens of trips as a solo traveler and take advantage of the opportunity to meet new friends. Maybe you’re eyeing a staycation with plenty of local activities. Or, does an overseas vacation that includes visits to the Louvre in Paris and gazing upon Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa suit your fancy? Plan your adventure a few weeks in advance and enjoy the freedom to roam wherever you want on Valentine’s Day. Bon voyage!

2. Throw a Singles Party

Why fret over being singled out or left out of couples’ parties? Instead, plan your own singles party! Make it a potluck, and then add a smorgasbord of Valentine’s treats for you and your guests to sample for dessert. Make sure to line the table or kitchen counter with different chocolate truffles. Of course, you can always make it a game by having your guests discuss the taste of each truffle they sample. Or, have each guest bring a bottle of their favorite wine and have a wine-tasting party. Finally, top off the night with the best movies for Valentine’s Day that embrace singlehood!

3. Indulge in Valentine’s Day Lingerie

Wanting a quiet evening at home minus all the romantic excitement? Plan a special night away from it all by ordering your favorite take-out and then plan an after-party for one. Then, treat yourself to an at-home bath spa and Valentine’s Day lingerie. You’ll feel pretty in a satin and lace teddy, sexy bodysuit, or baby doll dress in pink and red. Add a pair of silky pajamas you can wear year-round and celebrate self-love any time you want.

4. Spread Some Love to Others

While it’s true you need to love yourself first before you can love others, carve out some time this Valentine’s Day to perform random acts of kindness. Being single on this magical day of romance has benefits that allow you the freedom to decide how you want to spend your time. But to truly invest in love, consider visiting an elderly person or a sick child and gifting them a bouquet of flowers to brighten their room. Reading to an elderly person or coloring with a child will undoubtedly be fun and appreciated this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is All About Love

Year after year, Valentine’s Day has been a celebration of romantic love, but celebrating it while single can still be a fun and festive occasion that you look forward to. Consider any of these ways to celebrate this season of love, and remember: No matter whether you’re spending time with friends, family, or your significant other, love is all you need.

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