8 Travel Destinations to Escape the Cold This Winter

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Do winter’s charms fade with the magic of a white Christmas, leaving you sick and tired of trudging through slush and shoveling your sidewalk? If you have the extra cash, a tropical getaway can ease seasonal depression symptoms and return the smile to your face when January and February begin to drag on too long.

Where should you go and what should you do? Here are eight travel destinations to escape the cold this winter. 

1. Kauai, Hawaii

Who doesn’t think of Hawaii when they picture travel destinations for escaping the cold? This state is like journeying to another country. However, you won’t earn a passport stamp or have to master a new language.

Take advantage of the warm weather to hike the Kalalau Trail or swim with the dolphins. In the evenings, kick back on the beach while enjoying an authentic luau, complete with hula dances and leis galore.

2. Bisbee, AZ

Do you want to travel back in time to the old west? If so, make Bisbee, AZ, your travel destination for escaping the cold. This tiny southern Arizona town offers plenty of attractions and is a crossroads to several other hotspots.

Take a tour of the mine or get up to some spooky antics of ghost-hunting after dark. Head to nearby Tombstone for a recreation of the famous shootout at the OK Corral and explore Boothill Cemetery. Do you need a taste of the arts after all that rootin’, tootin’ and shootin’? Visit Tubac — a famed southern Arizona town founded as an artist’s colony.

3. Tulum, Mexico

If Cancun is too touristy for your tastes, head south on the Riviera to Tulum. You’ll be closer to the Mayan ruins, ripe for your exploring pleasure.

Enjoy some fun in the Gulf by swimming with the dolphins or trying a challenging yoga class on a paddleboard. Better yet, dive into a cenote — a sinkhole filled with crystal clear water — and dog-paddle around an underground cave.

4. San Diego, CA

San Diego has a reputation for the best weather in the U.S. — the temperatures stay within 60° to 80° Fahrenheit nearly any time of the year. You must stop at the world-famous zoo if you love all things wildlife. Those who prefer more refined human pursuits will discover no shortage of art galleries, wine shops and fine dining to delight their exclusive tastes.

5. Orlando, Florida

Do you have kiddos? If so, a trip to Orlando will surely put a smile on your youngest family members’ faces. Orlando is home to the world’s most famous mouse, but Disneyworld isn’t the only attraction you’ll find. Take a day trip to the Everglades to explore exotic wildlife you won’t find anywhere else in the country or learn about the history of space exploration at the Kennedy Space Center.

6. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

If you’re of more of a party mindset, you can’t miss Rio de Janeiro in February. While this South American country is splendid to visit all winter long — their hemisphere is enjoying summer — this month is home to Carnival. You can dance to the sweet samba groove in the streets all night until the sun puts you to bed.

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7. Lima, Peru

Lima is the home of Machu Picchu and the southern hemisphere location makes the U.S. winter the perfect time for the hike. Your best bet to avoid high temperatures is in March or November to beat the July and August crowds. The rains make hiking the steep slopes too dangerous in January or February, although you can still take a train.

However, Lima isn’t merely a launching point for archeological expeditions. This city is the home of several people named the best chef in the world and you can delight your culinary bone at scores of restaurants.

8. Sydney, Australia

If you have the time and cash to travel halfway around the world, make Sydney, Australia, your travel destination to escape the cold this winter. There’s plenty to do as you enjoy a taste of summer in January or February.

Catch a show at the world-renowned opera house and see the native wildlife with a full-day tour of three Blue Mountain locations and relax with a wine, cheese and chocolate tour. If you’re a fan of naval history, spend an afternoon at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

Embrace the Warmth This Winter at These Travel Destinations

Winter can get downright tiring after a while — it can also spur depression in some. Why not revitalize your spirits with a sunny getaway? Escape the cold this winter in one of these travel destinations.

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