High Fashion: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

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The look of high fashion can be intimidating. High fashion models are typically young, remarkably thin, and tall. That’s not me and it’s probably not you, either. That doesn’t mean high fashion is only for the young, thin, and tall. High fashion is for everyone who wants to play with it. 

And high fashion isn’t as difficult as you think! In fact, it’s getting easier to enjoy the fine fabrics and cuts of this rarefied corner of the fashion world. Let’s examine some ways you can participate in high fashion and look fabulous while you do it!

Posture Matters

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The world remembers Audrey Hepburn as an icon of style. Throughout her life and even today, she’s regarded as a saint of high fashion for the Givenchy gown in the film Sabrina, alone. But she was only 5’6” tall – not the stature of a model by any means.

Hepburn’s petite frame could not have served her half as well had she not been a trained ballet dancer. The rigorous preparation of a ballerina instills a keen awareness of the body and how it’s carried. So, Audrey Hepburn wore the clothes – not the other way around!

Carrying yourself with an awareness of posture is the foundation of wearing high-fashion clothing well. You needn’t be tall, young, or thin. What you need is to walk in the room with confidence that can’t be ignored, head held high.

Get Creative

The secret to adding high fashion to your wardrobe and owning the look is your creativity. With bold creativity, you’re building what is undoubtedly the most important factor of all – personal style.

What’s in your closet now is crying out for an injection of high fashion to bring it to life and pull it together. And you can have the high fashion of the moment, wearing it with pieces already in your closet. Choose a reputable online reseller to find the right high fashion, then pair your high-end women’s fashion with vintage pieces or something new you found at an outlet store. 

Thrift shop pieces, jeans or t-shirts from mainstream shops, vintage finds, or anything in your closet might be just the right fit for your high fashion trophies, as you develop a personal style that’s completely unique!

Put Trends in Their Place

Fast fashion, we know, is not sustainable. Staple pieces like a foundational pair of pants or jeans, a well-constructed jacket or coat, and a coveted handbag are investment pieces. Spend a little more on these items to get optimal mileage, effortlessly adding high fashion to your wardrobe.

Trends are fun. And you want to look “up-to-the-minute.” But trends come and go, so participate in new ways, using accessories to tell your trend story. Statement jewelry, belts, boldly colored gloves, scarves, and hats are all options that add trends without undue focus and expense.

Select quality staples that will be in your closet for the long haul, in classic cuts that never lose their patina of style. Enjoy the trends. Just don’t get hypnotized by them. Instead, express your personal style while jauntily tipping your hat to the fashion moment.

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Timing is Everything

Like every level of fashion, high fashion goes on sale, sometimes at incredible savings. So, seek out high fashion at end-of-season sales. Take your time to find the deal and don’t be shy to price-check the item or items that interest you to get the best price you can.

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High fashion resale is the hottest ticket in town right now, so there are plenty of online and brick-and-mortar options to choose from. Be the savvy shopper with her eye on opportunities to snag that fabulous jacket or that stunning handbag. You’ll walk away with amazing deals, using this strategy alone.

Fakes and Visible Branding

While it’s tempting to grab that knock-off item, remember that it’s not real. Its quality is low and worse, fraudulent. Don’t reduce the impact of high fashion items by purchasing knock-offs. They defeat your purpose by dragging down your look.

Choose genuine high fashion or simple pieces that fly under the radar because they’re sleek and good quality. Easy elegance doesn’t shriek for attention. It whispers. And that’s why you need to avoid visible branding. T-shirts emblazoned with a high fashion logo are not high fashion. They’re advertising and you are not a billboard. 

High fashion adds ballast and authority to your existing wardrobe, elevating everything in your closet. You’re the guru of your personal style and with some select high fashion pieces, you’re the fashionista to watch.

Article by Tess DiNapoli

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