Kate Miceli

Kate is a Virginia transplant living in Dallas. She's a J. Crew addict who loves stripes, polka dots and anything hunter green. She's been told several times, once by an older woman in a movie theatre bathroom, that she looks just like Hannah Horvath. She's still trying to decide if this is a compliment. Her favorite American Girl is Kit because of her spunk and the only other blonde one was Kirsten who lived the most depressing life ever. Kate can find a bargain anywhere, her most noteworthy deal was a Barbour jacket for $30. She also once received a 35% discount on a dining room table set at Goodwill for being a "fly white girl". Her life goal is to recreate the "Picka Pocketoni" chapter from David Sedaris' Me Talk Pretty One Day. In this chapter, Sedaris is riding the Metro in Paris when an American couple believes he is a thieving, stinky Frenchman and proceed to destroy his moral character while remaining blissfully unaware that he understands English. Naturally, Kate would like to play the thieving, stinky Frenchman. Kate was sorted into Ravenclaw and relishes in being the wittiest and smartest of all the houses. Currently, Kate is living the ultimate post grad life working at Anthropologie and applying to grad school.

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