Discover the Best Of Bluegrass

I have been enchanted with bluegrass ever since I was in middle school, much to my mother’s dismay. Look past the twang, I would tell her, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Listen to the slow songs, and you’ll find the ones with the stories and the emotions that get as close to transporting you to another world as a song can.

Every year around this time, when weeks are strung together by cold, mist, fog, and steel-blue skies, I turn to bluegrass. For me, it’s the equivalent of that feeling you get when you’re outside looking in at a window glowing orange against the cerulean blue of nightfall. It’s a spot of warmth amidst the cold.

Are you feeling exasperated by the hazy days of winter? Then curl up with a blanket, this playlist, and a cup of coffee, and you’ll warm up in no time.

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