A Cozy Post-Thanksgiving Weekend Playlist

If you ask me, Monday shouldn’t be a thing following holidays. It’s hard enough to get back into the swing of things following food-focused occasions, but here we are on a Monday, just days after Thanksgiving. We made it through the “are you seeing anyone?” questions, the “how’s school/work?” questions, the “can you believe what the president did?” questions. We made it through the family photos, the early Black Friday shopping, and the sudden influx of Christmas music. We may not have conquered that all gracefully…  but we made it.

Maybe you’re the kind of person who approaches Monday with fresh eyes and a positive mind (to you I say, teach me your ways). But I’m not the zero-to-sixty type. Here in Chicago, winter is settling in abruptly and the chilly air has me wishing I could just hibernate like a damn bear. With all that in mind, today is going to be a struggle. So I put together a long playlist of warm, mellow pop/folk/singer-songwriter tunes to help us enter this post-Thanksgiving week as gracefully and calmly as possible. It features artists like James Bay, The Head And The Heart, and Andrew Belle (a personal-slash-local fave of mine), as well as a few artists I discovered within the year like Joseph, Jared & The Mill, and Silver Torches.

This mix is sure to make you feel warm and cozy without inducing hibernation—though I can’t guarantee it won’t make you wish you had more mashed potatoes and apple pie within reach. Bonus: you can consider this your go-to playlist for breaking up the monotony of endless Christmas music.

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Image Credit: Alisa Anton via Unsplash

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