7 Beauty Products That Are A Waste Of Money

If you’re anything like me, you can easily get lost in the web that is the endless supply of beauty tutorials and hauls on YouTube. I’ve used these gurus’ recommendations to make sure I don’t waste money on beauty products that are just garbage, but they’ve also enticed me to spend money on stuff I just don’t really need.

It’s fun to play with makeup and having an extensive collection can seriously come in handy. There are some things where it is better to pay a little more for better quality makeup, but, a lot of us can’t afford to consistently pay for high-end every type of makeup. Especially when our big events are going out for happy hour, not rocking the red carpet.

Here’s a quick guide to all the beauty items you can definitely go lower-end on and types of makeup you can probably skip all together.

1. Face Primer


While this can be a good thing to have, especially for those with oily skin, it can clog your pores and is not absolutely necessary, especially if you splurge for a middle range foundation. Try a BB cream to get two-in-one primer and foundation action or set with loose powder to keep it put all day.

2. Illumination/highlighter


Contouring might be all the rage, but for the casual makeup user, it’s not really necessary. Plus, mastering these skills adds a good few minutes on to your makeup routine. Highlighting and illuminating powder can add a little extra sparkle or depth to your face, but it’s nothing that a little matte white eyeshadow can’t substitute.

3. Blush


I mean you can probably just pinch your little cheeks until you have that glow. Kidding. Blush can be a great finishing touch to any look, but it’s definitely not something you need to splurge on. There are a ton of great drugstore and lower-end blushes that work just as good as high end ones. Seriously, google “high-end blush dupes” and you’ll get tons of results.

4. No-bleed lip liner


OK, I have fallen victim to this. It’s basically a clear gel lip liner that claims to keep your lipstick in the lines no matter what you do. All for a pretty penny, I might add. It does work, but you can definitely achieve the same effect with some foundation before you put on your lipstick and some vaseline around the edges. It works just as well and you probably have both of them in your kit already.

5. High-end mascara


I get the temptation. TRUST ME. I too have spent $30 on some glorified grease paint because the lady at Sephora promised me it would give me Bridget Bardot-level lashes, only to be disappointed. There are tons and tons of really great mascaras in the drug store. Do a little research and you’ll be much happier. Besides, the secret to killer lashes is all in the curling anyway. Curl them right and get a killer no-clump mascara (my personal recommendation is the Maybelline Falsies line!) and you’re set.

6. HD Powder


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You know that silly white powder you often see on celebrities in pictures on the red carpet? That’s the work of HD powder gone awry. While it can help minimize pores and give a finish to your look, unless your job is to be on TV, it’s really not worth it. A translucent powder is a lot safer bet and will only run you a few coins.

7. Tons of makeup brushes


I totally get this temptation. You want to look professional and a lot of times it seems that expensive makeup brushes made of unicorn hair are the easiest way to do so. In my experience though, your own fingers and brushes that come with kits seem to work just as well for those ballin’ on a budget. If you want a few tools to get you started, a beauty blender sponge, a bronzer brush and an eye-shadow blending brush should be all you need because they have multiple uses. Real techniques brushes are a great steal, but be sure to keep them clean!

8. Scrubs


In the immortal words of Tom Haverford “Treat Yo Self.” Body scrubs can be a great part of any pampering routine, but at the end of the day the ingredients in most of them aren’t that complex for the price. Check Pinterest for some great homemade scrubs or simply combine brown sugar and melted coconut oil for a cheap, effective scrub.

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