The No-Fuss, Almond-Inspired Skincare Regime: Weleda

You’ve heard about the beauty benefits of using avocados and coconuts, but have you discovered the benefits of almonds? For all of you natural skincare junkies, Weleda has your fix. The company, which has been in business since 1921, offers a comprehensive line of almond-oil based products for sensitive skin. This newly re-launched line contains active ingredients such as organic sweet almond oil, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E, in addition to plum kernel oil and blackthorn flower extract. If you’re looking for an alternative to coconut oil, look no further than almond oil; recent studies have shown that almond oil “touts benefits equally as impressive—especially in the summer.” Additionally, almond oil can reduce scarring and “rejuvenate the skin.” Sounds good, right?

Weleda is a firm believer and supporter in natural and organic products. Their secret? The answer lies in Biodynamic gardens and farming techniques. Weleda owns 50 acres of these sustainable gardens in Germany, Switzerland, France, the UK, the Netherlands, Argentina, and Brazil. The products are free of synthetic preservatives, free of synthetic fragrances, free of synthetic chemicals, and free of animal testing. Some may that being certified 100 percent natural isn’t necessarily a stamp of FDA-approval, but Weleda is not only kosher, but production is within the European Union’s guidelines. On top of that, the company practices Fair Trade and has maintained partnerships with farmers across the globe. As someone who has become increasingly vigilant about the products that I put on my skin, the Weleda line provided an easy, stress-free moisturizing regime.

I received the Soothing Cleansing Lotion [$19.50, 2.5 oz.], the Soothing Facial Cream [$24.50, 1oz.], the Soothing Facial Oil [$25.50, 1 oz.], and the Soothing Facial Lotion [$24.50, 1oz.].

Like the other products, the Soothing Cleansing Lotion lives up to its name. It’s hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. Key ingredients include: sweet almond fruit extract, plum seed oil (rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamin E), and lactate (lactic acid). I used the Cleansing Lotion as the first step in my routine. In the morning, I applied a few dabs with a cotton ball and then washed with warm water. The lotion didn’t leave any residue or buildup. It didn’t dry out my skin or leave it irritated.

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Following the Cleansing Lotion, I moisturized with the Soothing Facial Lotion. The lotion, which can be used as a day or night protectant, is super lightweight and kept my skin feeling soft and smooth. The key ingredients include: sweet almond fruit extract, hydrolyzed beeswax (natural form of beeswax as a result of hydrolysis), and plum seed oil. If you’re looking for extra moisture, the Soothing Facial Oil works well with the Facial Lotion. The key ingredients for the oil are credited as: sweet almond fruit extract, hydrolyzed beeswax, and blackthorn flower extract (high in vitamin C). It can also be used as a makeup remover.

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Finally, the Soothing Facial Cream works as a day or night cream. Its consistency is a bit thicker than the lotion. It’s intended to sooth redness and inflammation. Star ingredients are listed as: sweet almond fruit extract, hydrolyzed beeswax, and plum seed oil. I used the Facial Cream mainly at night, as I preferred to reserve the Facial Lotion for day-wear.

Overall, I found that the products performed quite well, moisturizing my skin in a way that I’ve yet to see in many of the brands that make up its higher-priced competition. Thankfully, I didn’t suffer from any major breakouts or weird reactions. Weleda offers an effective product line for people who are eco-conscious and harsh scrutinizers of labels. The products do naturally smell like almonds, but the scent is so faint that it’s easily forgettable. At a reasonable price point, Weleda supplies the best without totally emptying your wallet. I love that the moisturizing regime is so simple and utilitarian, yet provided lasting results.


Weleda products are available at Whole Foods and select natural health food stores. For a complete list of where to buy Weleda products, check out their handy store locator.

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