Your Relationship Status Is No One’s Business But Your Own

By Sage Singleton

Despite being completely comfortable with single life, some women instinctively tell people they aren’t alone in certain situations. Presenting themselves as in a relationship can help women fend off unsolicited date invitations, protect themselves at home or abroad, or avoid unwanted questions about their single status. It’s unfortunate that women feel they have to hide their relationship status in order to stay safe, but that can be the frustrating reality. Here are three reasons why it’s totally OK for women to keep the fact that they’re alone private, and why it might even be a smart idea.

They’re Safety Conscious

Living alone can be daunting, even if you take extra precautions, and it’s not a bad idea for you to avoid telling people you live alone until you know you can trust them. By keeping your living status ambiguous, potential intruders have less information they can use to their advantage, and you’re able to enjoy your solo home life without worrying that you’re an easy target for those with harmful intentions.

Traveling alone also comes with certain risks, so it’s understandable that some women won’t disclose that they’re alone when they meet new people in unfamiliar places. Do what you need to do to stay safe, and don’t let anyone coerce you into telling them more than you feel comfortable sharing.

They Don’t Want to Answer Prying Questions from Family

There’s nothing worse than an overbearing mom insisting she come and stay with you after a breakup because you “can’t possibly be alone at a time like this.” Rather than inviting stressful questions and unsolicited offers of company from family members before you’ve even adjusted to life without someone else, it can be a lot easier not to tell them that you no longer live with a partner.

Pretending to be in a relationship can also work for those who aren’t interested in dating at all. Women can often feel pressured to seek a relationship, but maybe that’s just not your thing, or at least not right now. Telling your family that you are dating someone can take the pressure off while you pursue a career, earn your degree, or enjoy some relaxing weekends alone.

So share details of your personal life as and when you feel ready—don’t feel pressured to do so before then, even if your aunt pesters you for several uncomfortable minutes at your family Christmas party. Your life is your life, and you can disclose specifics when you feel they are needed.

They Don’t Want to Invite Romance at Work

Even if your co-workers conduct themselves professionally, it can still be easier not to give away your single status around the office. Sometimes it’s just the best way to avoid potential hassle, and it stops any dating-focused members of your team from wondering if they should ask you out. You’re at work to do your job, and maximizing productivity can be easier when Dave from accounting isn’t trying (and failing) to flirt with you at lunch.

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Of course, choosing to share that you’re single, living alone, or traveling solo is totally your decision—never feel pressured to hide it if you don’t want to. But don’t feel bad if you decide you want to keep it under wraps in certain situations. It’s important to be aware of potential safety risks and to minimize them wherever possible, even if it means telling some people you live with a partner when you don’t.

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