9 Thoughtful Gifts You Can Give To New Parents

By Natasha Ramirez

If you have friends or family members in their 20s or 30s it’s very likely that some of them are new parents. While new parents probably already own the essential baby care items,  there are lots of other gift ideas to get the new parents in your life. Instead of giving them yet another baby outfit or cheap toy, here are some thoughtful gift ideas to help out during this stressful but wonderful time of their lives. 

Offer to Babysit

Child care can be expensive. When most families spend at least $10,000 per year on child care services like daycares and babysitting, it’s hard to budget for a night out. And even if they have the budget, it can be hard to let your little one go after being around them 24/7 in those early months. Give them the gift of time this year. Even if you only offer a few hours on the weekend for them to go on a date night, they’ll be grateful. 

Lots of Caffeine 

Parents with newborns or young children don’t get a lot of sleep. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way (yet) to inject caffeine right into our bloodstreams, but a gift centered around that helpful pick-me-up ingredient will still be greatly appreciated. If you don’t want to drop your money on a brand new Keurig, there are a lot of subscription boxes out there that deliver artisan coffee grounds or tea bags right to their door. If you know the mom is breastfeeding, look into safe alternatives to coffee that will also be safe for the child. 

A Way To Preserve Memories

Children grow up way too fast. While everyone has a camera on their phones, photos are more often considered as the source of preserving memories. While photos are indispensable, breastmilk jewelry is something really special and personal any new mother can get to celebrate the motherhood and memories related to it. Breastmilk jewelry, made out of breastmilk, as the name suggests, can be a unique and touching item, you can think of gifting.

It is often made into pendants, bracelets, earrings, and other jewelry items. Check petalsandkeepsakes.com to know more about the options available and the process of getting a piece done.

A Safety System

A lot of new parents worry about their baby in the middle of the night and have heard troubling stories about SIDS. Give your new parents peace of mind for the holidays with a baby monitoring device. Sometimes, a simple video/audio monitor will do the trick. Other parents swear by more advanced technology like the monitors that also track their baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. Check with the parents before going in on this gift to see what will help them relax during the night the most. 

Easy Dinner Options

Even though a casserole is more a “sorry for your loss” gift, food is always appreciated. For new parents who don’t have time to shower (let alone cook a fine meal), helping out in the dinner department is a great gift. Whether it’s a recipe book full of simple and fast dinner options, a crock pot, or a service that drops groceries and meals right at their front door, anything to make meal time quick and delicious will be a stellar gift. 

Story Time Options

Support your local bookstore while also helping your friends by giving them some children’s books this season. While it may be a couple years until the baby can read them, they’re still great for story time and getting kids to sleep. Reading to children while they’re young is a great way to instill a love for stories and books in them that will serve them throughout their lives. 

At-Home Workout Service

New parents probably don’t have time to hit the gym anymore. But with a membership to an online workout service, they can still get a quick sesh in during naps, meal time, or when their partner is looking after the kid. There are lots of great websites and apps that offer vidoes and training plans they can do right at home. Whether they’re into yoga, barre, kickboxing, cycling, or another sport, they’re probably a training app for that. Combine the subscription gift with a nice yoga mat, reusable water bottle, or other small fitness-focused gift they could use while watching the videos. 

Spa Essentials

When you have a newborn in the house, it’s hard to take time for yourself. Make destressing easy for them this holiday season with some self-care items. Face masks, nail polish, a fluffy robe, and some bath bombs are always fun gifts that can help them relax after a stressful day. Better yet, get them a gift card for a nice spa day at a spa nearby. It gets them out of the house and some much-needed “me time.” Visit this site for more ideas.


Still lost? Go with diapers. They’re simple, cheap, and always appreciated. 

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