8 Tips To Consider When Dating During The Pandemic

During this pandemic, the quarantine has locked everyone in the home. But as time went by, many countries started relaxing their quarantine rules and now in some places, people can finally go out but must follow strict safety measures. As you can imagine, not even the quarantine has stopped love-seekers trying to find someone for their heart. 

Even though one can go on a date in the middle of the quarantine, some precautions must be taken. 

1. Consider Personal Interest

If you want to find someone for true love, you must look into their interests. For example, it will be easier for two people to get together when they have similar interests. If you like the Harry Potter franchise and your date also likes it, then it will be much easier to share each other’s thoughts. 

The opposite will happen if your interests do not match. Having a conversation will be difficult, and even if you can converse, it might not be enjoyable at all. It gets even worse when the other person dislikes your interests. So think before going on a date. 

Check their personal interests and if they are similar, then make a plan to meet.

2. Convey Your Thoughts

When you are having a conversation with your date, they will also be eager to know about you. So convey your thoughts and be honest. Tell them what you expect in life, how far you want to take this relationship, and what the future holds for you. 

This will make you appear confident and serious about your future, and the date will carry some meaning. Be clear and honest. If you hide your intentions, then dating is not for you. 

3. Video Calls Can Be Handy

Now, sometimes it might not be possible to go out, especially in the middle of the quarantine. The solution? Video calls, of course. Technology has done wonders for us during the pandemic, and now you can talk with your date through a video call. 

But here is the catch. Understanding emotions and feelings through a video call may be a little difficult. So do not make video calls the permanent solution. Some good tips before the video calls will be to tidy up your place and dress nicely.

A face-to-face meeting is the best way to understand a person while you are on a date. Video calls are just there to have a more frequent conversation in a long-distance relationship, but not as a replacement to a face-to-face conversation.

4. Safety Issue While Meeting Face To Face

Now, while out on a date with someone, be sure to have precautions. No matter where you go, wherever you meet, always put your mask on. For extra safety, keep hand sanitizers with you, and meet outdoors. 

But it is not only you who needs to maintain safety measures. Ask your date to also wear masks too whenever they go out. You do not want anything unpleasant happening from this pleasant moment. 

Understanding the person should be your primary concern. But not at the expense of your safety.

5. Questions You Should Ask

As you as you continue dating, if you keep finding the person interesting and want to have a more in-depth idea about their personal preferences, ask some vital questions, such as:

  • What are they looking for in a relationship?
  • Do they want kids?
  • When do they want to get married?

6. When To Get Intimate?

One thing leads to another and when two people get to know each other, trust each other, and have mutual feelings, they get intimate and this develops into a sexual relationship. Sex is very important and must be handled with care and proper safety. 

Having sex too early might ruin the relationship. So take it slow. If your partner tries to rush it while you are not comfortable, then, by all means, walk away from the relationship. 

There must be mutual trust and respect, and without that, it will just be pointless sex with no emotional attachment. If that’s what you’re looking for, by all means have fun. But if you’re looking for something deeper, try and forge a connection before jumping into bed.

7. Keep In Touch

It is not possible to understand a person with just one or two dates. Have regular conversations with them, go out with them more often, and see what they are up to in the quarantine days. 

However, there needs to be some extra care as all of this is happening in the middle of a pandemic. If the other person is going out of the way too often and not taking pandemic safety measures seriously, then it might be possible for you to get infected with the virus. 

So keep informed of their activities and what they are up to. But be respectful towards their privacy, and do not act like a creep.

8.  Do Not Reject Someone On The First Day

So you find someone that seems nice, and you go out on a date. But the other person might not be talking as freely as they were online. Do not get upset. Many people feel nervous on their first date. Make them comfortable and give them time. Let them adjust slowly and then get to know them. If they’re not throwing up glaring warning signs, it might be worth it to give it another date to see if things go better.

Final Thoughts

Love knows no boundaries. We have seen many empires born and destroyed with the power of love. So a mere pandemic will not stop love seekers from finding the perfect date. But a little precaution does not hurt. 

Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas about how you can have a successful date during the pandemic.

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