How to (Safely) Feed Yourself While Self-Quarantining

To remain in good health, nutrition is vital, especially during the current Covid-19 pandemic. You need your immune system at its best to fight against infections that seek to cause havoc in your body. Eating well is a great way to nourish your body with the required nutrients to provide antibodies that your immune system needs. Although getting access to fresh foods may be limited to the restrictions in place, you can still make do with a few ingredients to prepare a well-balanced diet.

Create a Meal Plan

Having a meal plan ensures that you have a ready list of ingredients you have to purchase to prepare all your meals. Although there have been several instances of panic buying, a surge in food prices, and unequal distribution of food stock, always consider buying just enough for two weeks of your meal plan. Prioritize your purchases by looking at what you need and what you still have in stock. This will ensure that perishable foods do not stay too long in the pantry and go bad. Avoid wasting food so that others can have some.

Always Purchase Fresh Products

Fresh products should be prioritized and used in cooking and other ingredients that have a shorter shelf life. If you can get your hands on vegetables, fruits, and reduced-fat or non-dairy products, choose them over non-perishable foods. When kept well in storage, frozen vegetables and fruits can also be used safely over a long period and still retain their high nutrient content. Also, consider freezing any leftovers for other meals.

Prepare Home-cooked Meals

The hustle and bustle of daily life may not enable many people to prepare home-cooked meals. The long periods of staying at the office reduce the time available to prepare a home-cooked meal. Now that you are spending more time at home use this opportunity to prepare home-cooked meals. Take advantage of free information that is readily available on the internet and experiment with ingredients you have at the disposal. However, remember to stick to healthy eating principles so that you can prepare healthy meals.

Home-cooked meals are prioritized, but there are various instances where it is not practical. In that case, you can take advantage of Flanagan’s food service, which is an advanced and secure food delivery system. 

Make Use of Food Deliveries

Home-cooked meals are prioritized, but there are several instances where it is not practical. In places where delivery systems are advanced and secure, you should take advantage of food deliveries. Some systems promote “contact-less” deliveries for ready meals and ingredients. Such contact-less deliveries ensure that there is absolutely no human interaction that supports self-quarantine and isolation protocols. Several people have also started such services to cash in on demand. Patronize such food deliveries from dependable businesses that follow strict food hygiene protocols.

Practice Safe Food Handling

No matter how well you prepare your food, you are at risk of getting infected if it is not handled safely. Food safety is a necessity for a healthy diet; the only safe food is healthy. Whenever you prepare food, be sure to practice good food hygiene to reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses and contamination. Here are a few safe food handling practices to stick to;

  1. Only use clean water and adequately clean ingredients
  2. Make sure your food is thoroughly cooked
  3. Always keep your hands and utensils clean
  4. Separate raw food from cooked food
  5. Store food at the right temperatures

Remember that to stay safe during this time; you need to eat healthy to boost your immune system. You are also advised to practice safe food handling and being cautious when purchasing food items. Eat well and stay safe.

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