5 Pandemic Habits We Need to Keep Moving Forward

The coronavirus outbreak disrupted every aspect of our lives. Safety measures that started with skipping handshakes and frequent handwashing turned into mandatory social distancing and must-have face masks norms in just a few months. Every country around the globe had to go under complete lockdown at least once in the last year and a half to curb the rising number of cases. All of this created a lot of panic and distress.

With so much destruction in every part of the world, it is nearly impossible to think of anything positive. However, like every dark cloud, this pandemic, too, has a hint of silver lining to it. Researchers say that while we suffered a lot at the hands of this pandemic, it has also inculcated a certain set of positive habits in us.

So here are five pandemic habits that we should keep holding onto.

Proper cleanliness and sanitization

The pandemic has surely made us suffer in innumerable ways but as per various experts and doctors, it has also been a great source of creating awareness. Since the outbreak, people have started understanding the importance of handwash and other practices of personal hygiene. In addition to this, regular commercial office cleaning, and sanitization of houses and other social places are  becoming a part of our daily routine.

Now, we need to understand that personal hygiene and clean surroundings are equally important in a pandemic free world. Therefore, these are the most basic yet the most important habits for us to take forward.

 Taking care of your mental health

Whether it’s a pre, post, or in the middle of it pandemic world, taking care of your mental health is always important. With a high death toll, large scale layoffs and strict social distancing norms, this pandemic created a very depressing situation all across the globe. Isolation and home quarantines only made it worse as lack of social interactions pushed people into the traps of depression, anxiety and other kinds of mental distress. Fortunately, people realised it on time and started opting for various methods to help themselves and their loved ones to stay mentally strong during these difficult times.

It is crucial that we adopt these ways permanently and try to work towards creating a better world together as a community.

Replacing junk food with a healthy diet

Another positive effect of the coronavirus pandemic is that it made us switch to a healthier and safer diet. While the lockdown forced all the dine-in restaurants to shut down, the fear of catching the infection stopped us from ordering any junk food from our homes. Terms like ‘immunity,’ ‘vitamins’, and ‘home-cooked meals’ started to feel like our weapons against this deadly virus. It even encouraged a lot of people to grow vegetables in their home gardens to avoid buying them from outside.

Thus, it is safe to say that in a way, this pandemic helped us understand the importance of having a proper healthy diet. It is only wise to keep it up and follow this habit in the post-pandemic world as well.

Spending quality time with loved ones

The pandemic made us realise the importance of keeping our families happy and healthy. Thus, people now prefer taking breaks from their busy work schedules to spend quality time with their family. We should try to hold on to this one habit for as long as we can even in the post-pandemic world.

Fulfilling our social responsibilities

One of the major changes that this pandemic bought into our society is how we have started taking our social responsibilities seriously. From sharing details about hospitals, importance of wearing masks, oxygen cylinders and vaccination centres on social media to helping neighbours with medicines, food and other resources, each one of us has stepped forward to help another in any way possible. We can only hope that this continues to happen even after the pandemic ends.


Any number of positive impacts or silver linings will not be able to compensate for the losses that we have suffered due to this pandemic. However, a few good habits can help us make our post-pandemic world a much better place to live in.

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