How to Stay Healthy While Traveling During the Pandemic

As the number of positive cases dwindles and restrictions have become lighter, traveling during the pandemic is now possible. Several countries have started opening their borders to travelers in an attempt to recover economically from the effects of the pandemic.

Although there are no signs of when the pandemic will end, you can still travel safely during these trying times. By carefully planning your trip, you can finally get to see new sights and enjoy some of the world’s best destinations without compromising your health and safety.

Here are five tips for healthy and safe travel during the pandemic:

Never Travel Unless You’re Vaccinated

Being cooped up inside the house is not only boring; it can eventually take a toll on your productivity and mental health. Keeping yourself sane might be the reason why you want to travel in the first place.

But regardless of how much you want to travel, you should choose to stay at home if you’re unvaccinated. Aside from having higher risks of getting and spreading the virus, most countries worldwide don’t allow travelers to enter unless they’re fully vaccinated.

Be Prepared for Anything

The pandemic motivated national leaders to regularly change restrictions in their countries. A country might allow foreign travelers to enter this week and then close their barriers again in the following week.

To stay healthy and safe when traveling during a pandemic, be prepared for anything. You can start by researching to know your rights as a passenger. Being equipped with this information is crucial to ensure that you’re properly compensated if ever you face flight disruptions.

Additionally, you should also bring a hand sanitizer (with at least 60% alcohol) and antibacterial wipes whenever you’re traveling. It’s also crucial to have a stack of N95 or KN95 masks on hand for use in flights and at airports, which you can easily obtain from, along with gloves and face shields. Pack some high-protein snacks, granola bars, and gum. This will help you stay fueled even when your flight gets delayed.

Take Care of Yourself When You Arrive

Arriving at your destination isn’t a go signal for you to be complacent about your health and safety. Even if the COVID cases in your destination are low, you should still implement all safety precautions to remain safe and healthy throughout your trip.

Take care of yourself when you arrive at your destination by following these tips:

  • Follow all of the COVID-19 regulations implemented by the local authorities in your destination. The do’s and don’ts during traveling are often posted in bus stations, airports, and ports, so make sure to read and follow them all.
  • If possible, open the windows at your hotel to increase ventilation. This will keep virus particles from building up or accumulating inside.
  • Reach out to local medical authorities if you start to exhibit symptoms of COVID-19. Some of the most usual symptoms of COVID are headache, nausea or vomiting, dizziness, and muscle pain.

Avoid Indoor Tourist Destinations Often Cramped with People

Preparing an itinerary is a must whenever traveling. Aside from making sure that the items in your itinerary fit your budget and ideal activities, pay attention to the volume of people who often visit the spot.

To stay healthy and safe when traveling during a pandemic, avoid visiting indoor tourist destinations often cramped with too many people. This is especially important if you’re bringing kids and seniors on the trip.

Instead of adding theme parks with indoor rides, museums, bars, and karaoke cafes to your itinerary, opt to visit nature parks, forests, and beaches. Caves, gardens, and other natural wonders are also great options for your next trip.

Book a Hotel with Strict Health Protocols

The cleanliness of the hotel you’ll book can affect your safety when traveling. You’ll likely acquire the virus if you choose to stay in a hotel that doesn’t follow any health protocols.

When choosing accommodation for your next trip, pick a hotel with strict health protocols. Ideally, staff should clean all of the surfaces of the hotel every few hours. The hotel should also provide hand basins and require all guests to wear face masks at all times.

Exert Time And Effort

Just because you’re allowed to travel doesn’t mean that you should put your guards down. Keep in mind that the coronavirus still exists, and being complacent as you’re traveling can increase your risk of getting and spreading COVID.

Enjoy your next trip without worrying about your health by following the tips mentioned in this article. Yes, implementing these tips will require time and effort, but these are small sacrifices to guarantee your health and safety the next time you travel!

Article by Mia Clarke 

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