6 Ways to Show Your Significant Other You Love Them

By Jasmine Anderson

How do you know when it’s the right time to express love and affection towards your physical partner? The answer is always. Even though saying “I love you” can mean a lot, if you say it too often it can lose its strength and ability to make your partner feel valued. So, is there any other way to express your love?

If you truly know your significant other, you certainly know some of the ways they like to receive love. However, if you’re looking for something original and unique, these six ways will help you say your loudest “I love you” to your significant other!

1. Be their supporter

Even though this seems pretty obvious, you’d be surprised how many couples don’t openly show their support to one another. If your significant other is starting a new job, college, project or something else, to show true affection, show your unconditional support.

Lovers and partners in crime should always support each other. If your partner is feeling down or discouraged, try to be their biggest fan and support their innovative ideas even if you know nothing about the topic. In addition to that, to show your love, educate yourself on the topic so you can have an understanding productive conversation that will help both of you succeed!

2. Be honest

Open communication is the key to successful relationships. People who aren’t afraid of the conflict because they know they will resolve it stay longer together. However, in any type of communication, mutual understanding and empathy are of utmost importance.

Even if you run into a disagreement, show your partner how much you love them by lowering your pride, letting your guard down and fight the problem together. Honesty and open communication show your love that you truly care about your relationship and that you want to make it work. So, be honest about your feelings and thoughts, your partner will appreciate it. 

3. Learn how to communicate without speaking

Expressing your love is usually linked to words. However, you can express your feelings without saying a single word! If saying “I love you” is too cheesy for you, show your love in other ways! Non-verbal cues are sometimes hard to pick up, but if you make them obvious, expressing your love will be easy.

Did you know that there are 5 love languages? This is your ideal opportunity to explore you and your partner’s love language and find out how you can show your affection in the best way possible! Learn new body talk or how to touch your partner to show affection. Your significant other will certainly be pleasantly surprised.

4. Be an active listener

As you already know, one of the most important things in a relationship is communication. However, openly communicating isn’t enough to make your relationship work. You have to practice being an active listener and understanding what your partner is truly talking about. 

To engage in deep listening, put your phone aside. Even though you hear your partner, it doesn’t mean that you truly understand what they are talking about. On top of that, it’s a matter of respect. Scrolling through your phone while having a conversation doesn’t show respect nor love to your partner. Additionally, if you want to create a deeper connection, look your partner in the eyes and actively participate in the conversation. 

5. Surprise them with a gift

Small yet meaningful surprises are what keeps any relationship alive. Giving your significant other a cute present or a lovely note will certainly brighten up their day. However, surprising your love with a gift even when it’s not their birthday, a special date or anniversary shows how much you truly care about them!

Instead of purchasing cliché chocolate, flowers, cosmetics or something else, opt for a unique present they will adore. Create original gift hampers and make each day even more special. Choose what kind of gifts you’d like in your basket and personalise the present as much as possible. Isn’t giving one of the best acts in the world?!

6. Go on an adventure together

It’s time to break out of the routine and try out something new. Long relationships can quickly get boring for those with an adventurous spirit, so bring some novelty into your life. If your significant other adores exploring and adventures, organise interesting dates that will be fun for both of you!

For example, you can go hiking, surfing, skydiving, or on a romantic trip to renew your love and break out of the rut. Trips can be excellent ways to learn and discover new things about each other and renew your vows even if you’re not married!


Expressing love to your significant other can be one of the highest forms of intimacy. There are millions of ways to show how much you truly care, but these six will certainly work for any kind of person! If you are still struggling, you can also always consult a matchmaker for advice.

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