Everything You Need to Know to Build Your Dream Home Office

Over the last couple of years, working from home has become the norm for many. As a result, thousands of people have been busy setting up their home office. A home office is a difficult balance between functionality, comfort, and professionalism. So follow this ultimate guide to build your own dream home office.


One of the main, and perhaps unexpected, items that you may miss at home is a printer. We often take printers for granted, after all they sit in the corner of almost every office. When you start working at home, you may find that you miss the convenience, and the easy readability of printed work.

Go for an all in one tank printer to save space by combining features into a small and high tech package. Get your printer early and you will thank yourself for it down the line. 

Set Up

You can set your home office up however you like, so think about how you will feel most comfortable and efficient.

A standing desk is a fantastic tool to cut down your sitting time and improve your health. Standing desks give you the freedom to move, which tackles fatigue and helps you to refocus. Sitting for long periods of time will have an effect on your health, no matter how good your posture is, so alternating between standing and sitting can be very beneficial. 


Communication is key. When working from home, you need to be easy to contact and you need the best experience over video calls as possible. To achieve this, you’ll need to have the best broadband you can find, preferably fiber, the last thing you need is for your office to grind to a halt when you hit a bandwidth limit. 

There’s also a huge selection of telephony systems which can carry out video conferences through the cloud, so it seems like you’re still in the room together.


One of the joys of building a home office is that you have the freedom to decorate it however you like. This is probably the first time you’ll have total control over the look and feel of your office, so build a room which you would like to spend your day in! 

Office plants can be fantastic for your wellbeing by bringing some of the outside in. Set up your lights so they’re just the right level for you, and why not decorate the walls with some family pictures, vacation memories, or some of your favorite prints. As long as your background looks neat and professional for video conferences, anything goes!


Another huge benefit to working alone is that you can make as much noise as you like! Get yourself a good speaker and play your favorite music, podcasts, or radio stations while you work. For many workers, background music helps focus and mood. If you’re listening to the radio or a good podcast in the background, then you may accidentally learn something too!

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