6 Cute and Romantic Ways to Surprise Your Partner

Want to surprise the love of your life and lay on the charm? Consider a cute and romantic gesture or gift to express how much they mean to you and that you are always thinking of them. Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, your anniversary or just as a way to say “I Love You,” here are six cute and romantic ways to surprise your partner. 

1. Send Them a Cuddly Stuffed Animal

Forget flowers and chocolates! If you want to surprise your partner with something truly cute and romantic, stuffed animals are the way to go. With their soft and plush fur and their charming expressions, a stuffie is an unexpected surprise that they are sure to love. It’s the perfect present for a long-distance relationship, too. A stuffed animal gives your partner something to cuddle when you have to be away from each other. So whether you are apart or just want to surprise them at work, send your partner a Someone Loves You box, complete with an adorable, snuggable stuffie of their favorite animal and a personalized note. 

2. Plan an Entire Date Night

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If your S.O. is usually the one who makes the dinner plans, surprise them with a date night out on the town. Make sure they are free and make the reservations yourself. Start at a swanky cocktail joint, followed by a restaurant (newly opened or an old favorite) and top it off with desserts somewhere. 

If your partner has a work schedule that keeps them away at night, then plan a date during the day. Think park picnics with a spread of their favorite dishes from their favorite restaurants. A surprise brunch with bottomless mimosas also works rather nicely.

If you want to avoid crowds, you can always plan a date night at home. But instead of falling back on the usual Netflix and Chill night, elevate the experience by lighting some candles and, at the very least, not eating directly out of the takeout containers. Pop a bottle of wine and order a soup-to-nuts spread, just like you’d get dining out.

3. Plan a One-Night Weekend Getaway

If you want to take a date night further, a one-night getaway is the perfect surprise! Instead of driving home or taking them back to their place, whisk them away to a posh hotel for a single night. Plan your escape early (especially if you need to find a sitter for the pets or kids) and secure reservations. Want to keep it spontaneous? See where the night takes you and book an impromptu room through a booking site like HotelTonight for last-minute deals. Spontaneity and a change of scenery are super romantic gestures.

4. Leave a Short and Sweet Note or a Love Letter

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Another cute and romantic way to surprise your partner is by expressing your love through the written word. Leave them a short and sweet note on their pillow as you let them sleep in or attach a sticky to their lunch tote. With small notes to say “Morning, Sunshine!” or “You Mean the World to Me,” it gets the point across but is no less meaningful.

However, if you have a bit more love to declare, then tell them exactly how you feel about them with a sentimental and old-fashioned love letter that they can keep around forever. Worried you’ll misspell words or need to erase entire sentences to arrive at your final version? Type out your thoughts so you can edit at will. Once you are satisfied with your heartfelt message, handwrite it on a nice piece of paper, sealed with a kiss. 

5. Create an Album of Photos, Tickets and Other Memorabilia

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If your partner is someone who keeps every little token or memento that reminds them of you and your time together, help them sort it all into something really special – like an album. Sure, that shoebox under the bed might have been fine for the first few years of your relationship, but if you’ve been together for a while, an album makes it feel more official and offers a sweet, romantic gesture. 

Sort the tickets by date and arrange them in chronological order to capture how long the two of you have been joined at the hip. Don’t have printed photos? Search the date in your digital photo albums and print any of the two of you together, adding them beside each event or celebration. A really thoughtful way to top it off is to add to the album! Present them with tickets to an upcoming concert of their favorite band or even plane tickets to a bucket-list destination where they’ve always wanted to go. 

6. Build Them a Playlist of Your Favorite Songs

Long gone are the days when a partner could make a mixtape or burn a CD of the songs that defined your relationship. Today, there’s no physical gift to bestow, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less special of a surprise. So whether you use a song app like Spotify or Apple Music, create a collection of their favorite songs to present to them out of the blue. 

Build a collection of love ballads, pop songs and other cute tracks and beats that bring back memories. Then, when you have a good collection started, arrange them thoughtfully like a soundtrack, with fun and energetic tunes, heartfelt songs and finally the one special song used as your first dance or first kiss. You get the picture.

The great news about a digital playlist? You’ll never run out of tape or data space. Once you surprise your partner with the playlist, you can each continue adding your new favorite songs that remind you of each other.

Whether you send your partner a cute teddy bear or plan a unique date night for them, they will appreciate the thought put into a surprise.  Everyone shows their love in a different way.  The most important thing is continuing to romance your partner and ensure they feel loved all the time, not just on special occasions. 

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