7 Creative Themes For Your Kid’s Birthday Party

kids at a birthday party

Finding the right birthday idea for your child can be a difficult task – with so many options to choose from, finding the right one that sparks excitement and imagination isn’t always easy. Kids are often very excited about birthday parties in general, but often the day can be very predictable. If you want to make your kid’s birthday party truly memorable, consider the option to hire a candy truck. Here are some other creative ideas to make your child’s party one to remember.

Birthday Party Themes

Their Favourite Film

Why not make an entire party surrounded by the theme of their favourite film? Whether this be “Finding Nemo” or “Shrek,” make sure all decorations, cake, and wrapping paper fit the theme. As an extra bonus, you could even dress up as your favourite character from the movie.

Treasure hunt party

Organize a treasure hunt in your garden or a local park, giving the children something to occupy themselves with. Make sure to pick up a couple of great prizes, and sit back and relax till they have finished!

If you’re planning a treasure hunt birthday party for your kid, an igloo party tent is a perfect solution! This party tent is set up by the team and can choose a color match to your theme which is perfect for all kinds of themed parties. You can even add a little bit of magic to your event by hiding goodies for the treasure hunt.

Summer garden party 

Set up your own garden party, with snacks and drinks. For an added element of creativity and personalization, consider using custom molds to craft unique and themed snacks or ice cubes. These custom molds enable you to create delightful treats that perfectly complement the garden party ambiance, adding a fun and memorable touch to your gathering. This could be really fancy with a DJ and party games, or how about pulling out some old-school games such as Twister and letting them all play in the garden for the afternoon. Pick up some outdoor string lights to decorate, and get the party started!

90s sleepover birthday party

Host a 90’s themed sleepover party! This will be not only unique and exciting, but you could also make it educational! Play some 90’s music and suggest a 90’s dress code. Why not even invite the parents for the evening as well for a few drinks, birthdays can be fun for the adults too!

Breakfast party

Organising a breakfast party either at home or at a café is a great way to host a birthday. Not only is it done by mid-day making it convenient and easy, but they are also very unusual and will be memorable for all. It is also a great way to start the day and put everyone in good spirits. 

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Bouncing birthday party

There are many venues that offer bouncing birthdays, from trampoline parks to large inflatables. Why not rent one of these venues for an hour, giving the kids a chance to let off some steam before sitting down for a meal. This is something everyone can enjoy!

Movie theatre birthday party

Set up the snacks and get settled in for a movie marathon! Ask the kids beforehand which movie or movies they would like to watch and you are all set! This will give you a couple of hours of peace and quiet as well which is always a bonus!

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