The Pros and Cons of Online Dating

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Dating websites are becoming more and more popular. People use it to find potential matches and to chat virtually. It allows people to find a partner without rejection and time-consuming personal communication.

This blog looks at the pros and cons of online dating. We will also give some online dating tips that will help you to mitigate disadvantages.

Advantages of online dating

Dating over the internet opens a lot of opportunities. Since you are not limited by location, you can chat with people with different interests and from all over the world.

A lot of potential partners

It can be hard to meet new people when you are shy, or your friend, coworker, or family member can’t introduce you to a person you’re interested in. Online dating is a free and great way to increase the pool of potential partners. It is a great way to meet new people who you might not otherwise be able to meet. 

On the dating website, you can find people with similar interests and hobbies. If people share the same interests and values, it will help them to build relationships.

Good for shy people

If you are a shy and introverted person, online dating may help you to avoid any awkward moments. You can easily filter out anyone who you don’t feel would be a good match. With online dating, people can take their time to really get to know someone. 


Online dating services allow meeting many people in a short amount of time and decide if you want further communication. If not, you can easily refuse from spending time with this person and devote your attention to an interesting one.

Disadvantages of online dating

Dating people online is often seen as more “efficient” than other methods, but the reality is that there are some disadvantages as well. 

Attracting the wrong types of partners

Despite wide capabilities for meeting new people, your profile can attract the wrong people. For example, if you state that you have a good job and travel a lot, there is a possibility that you attract a partner that is interested in your social status, but not in your personality.

Not to get disappointed, we recommend you pay attention to filling out your profile. Tell about your values in detail, and describe the type of partner you want to meet. If your new acquaintance seems not to match your criteria, it’s not your type of person. 

When it comes to online dating, not all services are created equal. Knowing where to sign up and what you’re looking for is essential in finding the right online dating service for you. If you’re looking for a committed relationship, then signing up for a one night stand dating website is not for you! There are online dating sites specifically designed for individuals who are invested in finding a long term serious partner. But if your interest lies more in casual dating or instant hookups, you can also find online dating services that cater to those needs. Whichever route you choose, it’s important to understand the expectations and goals of the online service before joining to ensure you receive the type of experience you’re looking for.

Lack of face-to-face communication

Another issue with dating people online is that you can’t see the reaction of the person to what you are writing. It is important to see another person’s face and adjust your communication strategy.

To get adapted to this, you can ask your partner more questions about their feelings and reactions to your communication. You can also agree to have a video call and to mix text messaging with video chatting.

Fake profiles 

Browsing across dating websites, there is a high possibility that you can run into a fake profile. After months of communication, you can find out that you have been talking to a bot or to a person with a fake identity, and it can be really unpleasant.

To avoid fake profiles, we recommend you not to use free online dating sites. Choose well-known platforms that pay attention to the verification of the users. You can also ask a partner to prove their identity in a private communication— gently ask for a surname or Facebook page address. It’s particularly important if you are giving your phone number to someone. In this case, also be ready to provide some info about yourself.

Final thoughts

Now you’re aware of the positives and negatives of online dating. It’s a great time to start looking for a compatible partner. Write in the comments some online dating advice for those who are only starting their way. And if you want to have a chat with real people, we invite you to try The Lucky Date for free.

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