8 Gifts That Are Perfect for Scorpios

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Scorpio season is upon us, which means it’s time to start looking for birthday gifts for your favorite Scorpio! Or, perhaps you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift as the seasons change. Either way, we have everything you need to know to get a unique gift for the Scorpio in your life that they’ll treasure for years to come.

Astrological Birthday Book

Scorpios are born between October 23 and November 21. They tend to share similar traits like determination, boldness, mystery, passion, and loyalty. But, each Scorpio is still uniquely different. By giving the Scorpio in your life an astrological birthday book, they can take a deep dive into their specific personality based on the date they were born. This made-to-order astrology book features the recipient’s birth chart and is filled with more than 70 pages of in-depth analysis. It also features beautiful illustrations, making it a gorgeous and unique piece to keep on display in their home.

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Zodiac-Themed Jewelry

Scorpios tend to have an affinity for unique jewelry — often rings, in particular — but necklaces, bracelets, and earrings appeal to them, too. Consider what type of jewelry the Scorpio in your life tends to wear, and then start looking for zodiac jewelry options. You’ll discover gorgeous November birthday gifts with that month’s birthstone, topaz. If your Scorpio was born at the end of October, consider opting for a piece of opal jewelry — the birthstone of October. You’ll also find Scorpio constellation jewelry and pieces incorporating scorpions into their design.

Scorpio Apparel or Blanket

Scorpio is represented by the image of a scorpion — arguably one of the coolest zodiac symbols — and Scorpios tend to take pride in their symbolic friend. Looking for unique sweatshirts, T-shirts, or even hats that display a scorpion is a great way to pay homage to their zodiac sign. Scorpion blankets are also an excellent gift, particularly for their birthday or during the holidays since they’re functional in the fall and winter. 

Zodiac Candle

If you want to get your Scorpio friend or family member a gift personal to them, there are few better options than a Scorpio candle. These candles are specifically crafted with fragrances that uniquely speak to a Scorpio’s sensibilities, and there are different candles for each date of Scorpio season. Find the one that corresponds with your Scorpio’s birth date and give them this gift that makes a beautiful decoration and provides a detailed zodiac reading of their personality based on the day they were born.

Deck of Tarot Cards

Scorpios have a certain level of curiosity and intrigue that surrounds them, so it’s no wonder they’re intrigued by the mysterious. Whether the Scorpio in your life already reads tarot or is a beginner, a nice deck of tarot cards is a unique and thoughtful gift. Tarot is the practice of predicting the future, and also receiving insight into the past and present by interpreting cards from a tarot set. Beginners can learn how to read the symbolism and perform readings for themselves or others. Those who are already familiar with tarot will love a more unusual deck unique to their persona. There are hundreds of different tarot decks out there, many made by artists creating new, unusual art on each card. 

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Self-Care Kit

We could all use a reminder that we deserve some “me” time. But, Scorpios are always seeking new ways to reach their goals — and self-care is essential to looking and feeling your best. If you’re looking for a great Scorpio gift, create a unique self-care kit. You can include items like face masks, hair masks, a cozy robe, a bath bomb, a cooling eye mask, or a jade roller. Pick out a few items that your Scorpio will love and add them to a cute basket for a unique and thoughtful gift. 

Unique Tech Items

Although Scorpios aren’t known for being the most tech savvy people, they do love to receive the latest high tech gadget they can display at their next dinner party or gathering. The odder the gadget, the more your Scorpio will be intrigued. This could mean something as simple as a fitness tracker or something as complex as a countertop composter, depending on what type of tech items the Scorpio in your life might be interested in.

A Sexy Gift

Scorpios are known for being passionate and — well — for their sex drive. If you’re shopping for your partner who is a Scorpio, a sexy gift might be just the right gift. There are dozens of options here from lingerie to games focused on couples and intimacy.

Give Your Scorpio the Perfect Gift

With so many great options for Scorpio-related gifts, it can be hard to choose. But, think about the items that your Scorpio enjoys most and give them something special this year — whether it’s a unique astrological birthday book, a candle, jewelry, or something a little more risque.

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