Leather Ottomans for Any Space

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Perfectly sized and offering a beautiful contemporary aesthetic, a leather ottoman can serve as an attractive centerpiece in your living space. Its rustic appeal and basic functionality as a table, footrest, or additional seat make it an ideal solution for spaces short on seating or room for extra furniture. Leather ottomans are constructed from high-quality, rich Italian leather upholstery, and their color exposes the natural hide markings, scuffs, and textures, which become even more attractive with age. The cushioning is polyester and the interior features high-density foam, which makes the ottomans undeniably comfortable. The rubberwood frame is constructed to last and features a corner-blocking element for additional reinforcement.

If you need a stylish, beautifully constructed ottoman that acts as an additional coffee table or seat, try the Napa Ottoman. It features walnut-finished legs and a corner-blocked wood frame, so its sturdy construction allows it to easily stand up to everyday use. The ottoman is also lightweight and easy to carry around from space to space. It is filled with high-density foam and feather-down filling for extraordinary plush comfort. Like Poly’s other leather ottomans, the Napa Ottoman utilizes a full-grain, dyed leather that will transform into a unique piece as it accumulates texture and markings from regular use.

Benefits of Choosing a Leather Ottoman

There is nothing quite like the luxurious feel and gorgeous appearance of real leather. Each ottoman’s contemporary appearance is also suitable for a wide range of living space aesthetics. Leather ottomans are built to last, and they offer a variety of practical benefits:

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  • Durability – Leather ottomans are far more durable than those made of fabric. They can last for years and stand up to daily use. They are more resistant to cracking, sagging, and peeling, as well as dirt and spills. Their leather construction also means they can be easily cleaned with just a damp cloth.
  • Comfort – As fabric ottomans age, they can become out of shape and lose their support as their fabric stretches. On the other hand, leather ottomans become more visually attractive and comfortable as time progresses – this is because leather becomes softer and more supple with age.
  • Appearance – Leather absorbs dye into its fibers, so it doesn’t fade with time like upholstery. These leather ottomans even retain their color when they absorb scuffs and other signs of wear. A leather ottoman’s natural markings even look more distinguished as time goes by.
  • Hypoallergenic – The leather these ottomans are produced from is naturally hypoallergenic since it can’t harbor dust, allergens, or dander. On the other hand, upholstered ottomans can accumulate allergens that are nearly impossible to remove over time.

Find the Perfect Leather Ottoman For Your Home Today

Poly & Bark offers a wide range of leather ottomans that complement nearly any décor or aesthetic. Their ottomans are produced from top-notch, full-grain leather and are constructed to last. Each ottoman can add a contemporary feel to any room, and as time progresses, they just become more attractive and distinguished. 

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