The Day Ziggy Stardust’s Music Died: A David Bowie Playlist

Today one of the greatest artists in music has died at age 69 from cancer: Ziggy Stardust himself, David Bowie.

While many millennials likely knew him first as the Goblin King in Labryinth, everyone can attest that it is his music and gender-bending, identity-fluid persona that will have the longest influence on the generations to come. David Bowie was the original cool guy, the one who said music doesn’t have to be rote, and the king of the sick beat. He made progressive cool and worked with not only Queen, Lou Reed, the Kinks, and even Nine Inch Nails, but  pretty much inspired everyone else thereafter.

But in traditional Bowie style, he goes out with a flash only the mighty man could, with a new album out, Blackstar that was released January 8th, and a lifetime of some of the best damn music you’ll ever hear. So do yourself a favor and dive into Spotify’s “This is David Bowie” playlist and let’s dance one more time to Major Tom.

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