12 Cutest Damn Animal Instagrams Ever


Let’s be honest, is there any better time kill than looking at cute pictures of animals? Considering the success of BuzzFeed, that’s a big no. That said, finding the right Instagrams to follow to optimize max animal adorableness can be difficult. So to help you out (and waste time ourselves) we’ve compiled a list of our absolute favorite animal Instagrams. Follow them immediately, just don’t blame us if your productivity falls 75%.



You have many options in the world of Internet Cats, but none of them have the personality of Nala, the snow-loving cat. Nala lives in Oslo, is extremely fluffy and f*cking LOVES snow (as documented in her YouTube video). But don’t just follow seasonallyrecent evidence has shown she has just as much fun with a sprinkler.



This HONY-style documentary series on pups around New York City showcases dogs of all breeds, shapes, and sizes with fun facts, making your daily dose of cute also educational!



Another Nordic cat Instagram that kills it. Aurora is the fluffiest. So much fluff. Cannot handle. (Her brother, Prince Phillip, is kinda the sidekick here TBH).




You’ve probably seen this team around the internet: baby kitten rescued by Husky (note: Huskies are pretty prey-oriented so do not try this at home). Kitten grows up and thinks she’s part of the pack. Pack has adorable adventures together.



The adventures of Ralph, his corgi brother George, his human “broham” and his family. Be ready for lots of adorably fluffy corgi butts, throwback photos of corgi babies, and all-around corgi fabulousness.



OK, so we’re pretty partial to this account as it’s run by LD’s own mascot, Lily. It comes with a lot of ennui, rants, and updates on her never ending quest for constant vigilance against neighborhood f*ckery.



Since a few of our LD writers and editors have owned or currently have bunnies themselves, it’s clear to say we love these little furries. Bentley is especially cute when he hops on top of the couch to watch over his hoomins.



Malamutes (often confused with an Alaskan Husky) are the fluffiest, cutest animals I’ve ever seen. I cannot wait to own one, but for now, I live vicariously through this Instagram (I follow multiple Malamute accounts). Some of this little ones are cuter than babies.


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boy giving water to dog


I almost fear Doug has set the bar too high on my standards for men because I have yet to relate to any guy I’ve dated the way I can relate to Doug the pug. Between his hungover at brunch confessionals to his late nights swiping on Tinder in his Calvin Klein underwear, Doug is the realest of the real.



Juniper is a fox, who is owned by a human with some mad photography skills. That’s pretty much all you need to know. Juniper’s bio is super accurate in lauding her as the happiest fox, and all of our lives will be a thousand times better once we follow Juniper. Also she cries when she is deprived of Starbucks, so.




Move aside T-Swift; Harlow, Indiana and Reese are my #squadgoals. I’m obsessed with this family of canines, and I don’t want to admit how many hours I’ve spent trying to get my dogs to cuddle with each other like these dogs do.


These little goobers are two adopted cats with dwarfism who are the sweetest and ugliest little nugs I’ve ever seen. In addition to their super squished faces, I’m a big fan of their owner, who tags every photo with #adoptdontshop

By Haley, Katie, Erin, Hope, Emily, Emmy, Ella, and Angel.

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