Who Would You Cast In The “A Court of Thorns and Roses” Movie Series?

Sarah J. Maas’s books have had readers hooked for years. Her A Court of Thorns and Roses series is no exception. Chock-full of awesome female heroines (#girlpower) and just enough romance to not be cheesy, her fantasy books have ranked as best sellers over and over again. Now that the ACOTAR series has four more books confirmed (including the already published sequel, A Court of Mist and Furyand an upcoming movie (upcoming-ness confirmed, date less so), we decided to go ahead and cast the movie for them. You know, to save some time.

Be sure to cast your vote for which of our options you’d pick.


Emma Watson


Why: I’m about 99-percent sure this is influenced by the fact that this book is heavy on the Beauty & the Beast themes and Emma is in the upcoming live-action version, but also, lbr. We could cast Emma in everything and the world would be a better place. She was incredibly fierce as Hermione. -Haley

Nina Dobrev


Why: Nina has proved again and again that she can handle anything a character can throw at her. I love the idea of seeing her portray the complexities of Feyre and go from human to Fae. -Lindsey


Bonnie Wright


Why: The books say she’s fierce, not as classically pretty as Elain, with biting eyes. I think Bonnie can accomplish that last part exceptionally well. -Haley

Claire Holt


Why: I definitely think Claire could pull off icy Nesta’s personality and I can’t wait for the verbal sparring. -Lindsey


Nicola Peltz


Why: She’s supposed to be fragile-looking, beautiful and sweet. A little bit naive. I think Nicola looks young enough and her big eyes make her look gullible. -Haley

Alexis Bledel


Why: I mean, Alexis was Rory, who is practically perfect. She’s a little bit older than our other picks, but I still love her the most. -Lindsey

Feyre’s Father

Peter Capaldi


Why: Who better to play a crochety old man that the man who’s played the crochety-est Doctor ever? Plus, I think he could do “tortured.” – Haley

Stephen Moyer


Why: I just hate Bill Compton from True Blood so much that seeing him struggle would bring me immense joy. -Lindsey


Chace Crawford


Why: First of all, he is pretty. Secondly, he doesn’t necessarily look *that* quick on the uptake. And he could easily beef up for the role. -Haley

Kellan Lutz


Why: He just looks very stereotypical jock, and for a character than literally goes beast mode, it seems to fit. Plus, it’ll all make sense later when you finish the second book. -Lindsey


Simon Wood


This is who I pictured playing Lucien from the moment I first read about him. That hair. And I can totally see him with a mechanical eye. -Haley

Daniel Sharman


Why: He could totally pull off red hair (I did not notice before how many gingers are in this book), and he seems like he just wants to be loved, which is so Lucien. -Lindsey


Viola Davis


Why: Viola Davis always seems like she knows more than you about everything, and it’s Alis that helps Feyre become accustomed to her new life and gives her some pretty valuable advice when she needs it. -Haley

Mindy Kaling


Why: I LOVE Mindy and I definitely think she could pull off the sweet Alis. Plus she might be able to add some much needed levity to a complicated storyline. -Lindsey

Voice of the Suriel

Tom Hiddleston


Why: Honestly, I just picture him using his Loki voice for this. *heart eyes emoji* -Haley

Gina Torres


Why: She has a fantastic voice, and I also heard the Suriel in my head as neither man or woman, so I think either could work. -Lindsey

Voice of the Attor

Benedict Cumberbatch


Why: Because Benedict could narrate the phonebook and it would be good. Plus, he did great with Smaug! -Haley

Liam Neeson


Why: Liam Neeson gives good voice. Equal parts scary and important. -Lindsey


Carice van Houten


Why: She’s already proven she does “witch” well. She’s got the physical characteristics down. Why reinvent the wheel? -Haley

Gina Rodriguez


Why: I know she doesn’t have the red hair or the classic “murder-y” look but I think Gina could bring the pain, and I’d love to see more girls of color in here. -Lindsey


Parker Young


Why: I mean, look at him. My only concern is that he’s a tad short, but strap some wings on him and I bet his jawline could get him through. -Haley I totally agree with this hottie. I do refuse to choose my own Rhys cause the one in my head it too difficult to bring into reality. -Lindsey

Brant Daugherty


Why: I think the guy who plays Noel Kahn could do a great job of being creepy, since he’s had so much practice. And he’s got the dark features that Rhys is described as having. -Haley



Bella Thorne


Why: I think with a few blonde highlights, a beauty like Bella Thorne could play Mor well. She looks very commanding and like she could carry a room. -Haley

Laura Vandervoort


Why: She has the elegant, regal qualities of Mor, and I know she could carry Mor’s heavier moments with her upbeat personality. -Lindsey


Kellan Lutz


Why: He’s supposed to be a good-natured, somewhat-snarly, funny warrior. Kellan is obviously beefy and kind of looks like he’d have a good sense of humor. -Haley

Stephen Amell


Why: Umm…he’s Stephen Amell. Super hot and proven he’s capable to handle action. Yes please. -Lindsey


Alexander Skarsgard


Why: He looks dark and shadowy. His name sounds dark and shadowy. Imagine him with dark hair and wings and you’ve got Azriel. -Haley

Matthew Daddario


Why: He has brooding down to an art form. Matt definitely looks like he could be the leader of spies and a Shadowsinger for The Night Court. -Lindsey


Dakota Fanning


Why: Dakota Fanning has stayed creepy since she was in that scary movie when she was like, 5. She’s got this otherworldly look about her that would suit Amren well. -Haley

Saorise Ronan


Why: I love Saorise’s etheral look and she’s got just enough creepy vie to pull off whatever creature Amren turns out to be. -Lindsey

King of Hybern

Sean Connery


Why: Literally I just love Sean Connery, and seeing him play a bad guy would be very interesting. He’s got that voice that carries, which I think would be interesting for some of the darker scenes. -Haley

Sean Bean


Why: I love when Sean Bean is the bad guy. He’s just a good guy to hate. He makes it so easy, plus he is a natural on the throne. -Lindsey

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  • Lots of these were really good choices i gotta say i loved the options for Mor. But i think we could do better with Feyre, neither actress really captures her personality. Other than that really good well done *clap clap*

  • Finally someone picks decent choices for Rhys (I say decent because literally no one could be good enough but I would personally prefer ) I am SO tired of people picking pouty lipped pretty boys like Florian Neuville or Ian Somerhalder. Like…Rhys is a MAN who is supposed to be able to look terrifying and powerful but also incredibly handsome. I just laugh when I picture these pretty boys trying to act all tough in front of the Court of Nightmares while having a perpetual Zoolander style ‘Blue Steel’ face. Okay sorry rant over XD

    • i agree whoheartedly that literally NO ONE could EVER be good enough for Rhys…. i have a such a perfect image of him in my head, with his dark glow and his aura and the stars i picture in his eyes that not even drawings or paintings come close to how i imagine him….

  • I would love to be in this movie so much, I started reading the series last week (after reading the whole of throne of glass series) and am now nearly finished the second book. It’s so gripping and consumed my life, haha, I can totally see how this would be turned into a movie as it has so much potential. If only I was older and could audition, as I’m 16 I am too young for any of the parts currently.

    • Yep.
      After I read the acotar series, I watched Thor 1 again and then Thor Ragnorak and I was like: OMG my Rhyssssss ur perfect! (- well, almost. no-one can compare to Rhys but still, pretty close)
      Loki and Rhys are actuallly so similar in my opinion
      Both are gods. Both love mischief and are funny AF. Both born as kinda outcasts and ‘less important’. Also Tom is kinda similar in looks. He’s white but still, black hair, nice face, the right kind of look even if he isn’t as ripped as he could be for the role. He just has the right personality and overall picture and…

      Ok I’m done. Sorry for extended comment, still on a high from these amazing books,

  • Jennifer Lawrence or Angelina Jolie for Amarantha, Dakota Fanning or Ellen Page for Amren, Sean Connery for Hybern, Kellan Lutz or Channing Tatum for Cassian, Skandar Keynes for Azriel, Margot Robbie for Mor, Miles Teller or Ansel Elgort for Lucien, Kristen Stewart for Nesta, Sophie Okonedo for Alis, Alexis Bledel for Elain, Saoirse Ronan for Feyre, Armie Hammer for Tamlin, Scott Eastwood for Rhys. In my opinion Saorise Ronan is perfect for Feyre because Saorise is beautiful but also looks like a girl you could grow up with, not someone so impeccably polished by Hollywood that she doesn’t seem relatable.

  • I think Amren should be played by an Asian actress. She is described as having up-tilted eyes and I think she was meant to be Asian – the same way that Tarquin & the Summer Court are meant to be black (+eye colour contacts). I always imagined her as probably Japanese or some paler-skinned Asian anyway. Kind of the way Kenichi Matsuyama looked in Death Note.

  • Excuse me it’s Saoirse, not Saorise. If you’re going to suggest an actress for a role, make sure you’re spelling it right!

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