10 Cute And Colorful Tech Accessories

Be it the mid-semester slump or just a weeklong Monday at  work, bright tech accessories can stylishly combat the  workweek woes. Choose from this selection of chic and  cheeky cases and additions to brighten up your deskspace  and liven up your week. 

“As If” Laptop Sleeve, $60

Endued with the sassy wisdom of one of film’s favorite teen  queens, this vibrant sleeve is sure to inspire.  

BURGA Airpod Case, $21.95

Who says your Airpods can’t be cute too? 

Retractable Charging Cord – DAISY, $30

The more flowers- the better!

Pink Power Trip, $26

The sweet pastel print makes plugging your phone in  anywhere a stylish cinch. 

Donuts Phone Case, $39.95

I donut I have to explain to you how darn adorable this  phone case is.

SunnyLife Underwater Camera, $24

Designed with the cutest leopard print, the little waterproof  camera will become your best friend in exploring the world  with no worries at all. 

Power to the People Tech Kit, $27

What would give better power to you, than all in one  package! 

ASOS DESIGN blue glitter butterfly phone ring, $27

Because you can’t have too much glitter.

Vintage Camera Phone Case, $40

The ultimate throwback Thursday. 

Iphoria Power iPhone 12/12 Pro Case, $55

Solidarity, womanhood, and power; show the world where  you stand with the design worth to start a movement!

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