How to Make Travel More Meaningful

Traveling to various destinations is an exciting and interesting activity to get involved in whenever you have some extra time on your hands. People travel for different reasons. For some, traveling offers new scenery and ambience from everyday life. Some also embrace traveling to relax, recharge, and get some much-needed self-help. Regardless of the reason, it has been known to give people a new perspective of life and positively impact their well-being. So, how can you make your travels to a place more meaningful! Here are a few tips to help you out. 

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Do some research

The first thing to do when you plan on travelling is to spend time reading and researching your preferred destination. Reading and researching your destination before you embark on your travels there help you better understand the culture of the people you will interact with. It would also help you acquire vital information and find helpful tourist information. The information you find, such as your destination’s history and festivals, can further whet your appetite and help you form a connection. You should consider reading literature from local authors and scholars to spark a desire and curiosity in you. Prolific writers may express their sense of patriotism in the literature they publish. You can contact the native names, locations, and culture of the people in the novels.

Immerse yourself in the culture 

Being at home in a city and country you’ve been in for a long time can make you pretty comfortable and familiar. This usually creates a problem of keeping yourself locked in your comfort zone. So, traveling becomes challenging as it takes you out of your comfort zone. To make your trip meaningful, you should come out of your comfort zone to embrace the culture of the people in your destination. But how can you do this? Suppose you are on vacation to NYC. In that case, you could enjoy the view from your hotel room with a balcony in NYC, as you watch passersby communicate amongst each other, and do other activities that make the city and its people what it is. Gradually, you would learn enough to embrace its culture and explore the city.

You can also immerse yourself in the culture by mingling with the local people. Be a guest in their home to eat traditional dishes, establish a deeper connection, and understand the way of life for these people and their history. Learning to speak the local dialect is also a great way of immersing yourself in a culture. Consequently, you should consider taking classes to learn a few phrases in their native language to pick a conversation. You could meet some of the residents in bars, restaurants, a bus, a train, etc. and build up a friendship from there.

Learn the language

Learning the local dialect of your travel destination is a great way to add more value to your trip. Not only does it add to your understanding of their culture and history, but learning a local dialect makes you appreciate the people and their beliefs even more! You should consider learning a few phrases of the foreign dialect before you arrive from a language institute or through various language apps and videos online. Find time to practice how the words are pronounced. Be sure to know basic phrases such as “Hello,” “How are you,” “I want to buy food,” “Thank you,” “Excuse me,” “Good morning,” to allow you to make small talk. 

The beauty of language lies in its history, as it tells the story of how a country was created and formed. By speaking it regularly, you also begin to experience the beauty and are further intrigued by the people and their culture.

Give back to a community

When planning a meaningful trip, you should look for opportunities that allow you to give back to the community as they host you. According to research, volunteering is one of the best ways to show a humanitarian gesture to people. There are many organisations on the internet changing the world one step at a time through volunteering. Giving back to the community helps you build a stronger relationship with the district. When you leave a footprint of volunteering in your holiday destination, you will always have a different perspective of that trip on any day.

Lastly, on giving back, as you research your holiday destination, you can research which essential items the children in the community will appreciate. It can be stationary, clothes, sports items, etc. You can pack a suitcase full of things you can give to the people in your holiday destination. You may leave the items at any social welfare office, church, mosque, or school to be distributed to the kids in the community you will visit on your trip.

Explore other parts of your destination  

Most major tourist cities have targeted tourist centres they project to the world. Many travellers end up visiting the tourist sites due to the publicity given to them. However, you could have a whole new experience from other travellers if you drifted your focus from the tourist hot spots to other equally attractive tourist centres that haven’t been commercialised yet. Going beyond the popular tourist centres may be risky, especially when you are a first-time visitor. That said, you can request the services of a registered local tour guide to escort you on your tour to the other attractive tourist centres. These exploration trips would open your eyes to a new perspective of the country. This, in turn, would create a unique experience and a beautiful one, which would make the trip a meaningful, memorable one. 

Travel more slowly

As you make plans to travel, it is pretty tempting to fill your itinerary with many countries to be visited. Your goal is to get a more profound experience from this trip. Then what you need most is not a bucket list full of countries and exciting places you want to visit. Travelling more slowly will give you an opportunity to experience the culture and the beautiful memories that come with your holiday location. Ideally, one country, two cities, and a few smaller communities should be slow enough to give you a relaxed and meaningful experience on your trip. If your entire holiday trip is supposed to last a minimum of two weeks, you can spread the days evenly to have the desired experience you want.

Take a solo trip 

Most people plan their vacation trips with their family and friends. Even though it is fun visiting and making new memories with your family and friends, it is worth noting family and friends can be a major distraction on a trip. The beauty of travelling solo is the opportunity to place yourself first and explore your interests and desires at your holiday destination. You can use the solo trip to self-reflect and relax your mind and body ahead of the workload after the vacation. A critical catch with solo trips is the beautiful memories you get to make alone and the friends you may make for a lifetime. 

Learn something new

A simple way to learn is by having first-hand practical experience of whatever new skill you want to know. When you travel to a new environment, you can learn many new adventures to transform your life. Make it a point to learn something new every time you travel. It can be the language, how they prepare their local dishes, dress, or their beliefs. It will be ideal if you take the risk of trying local dishes you have never seen or tasted before. One aspect of culture that transcends continents is leadership. You can learn a whole lot about how your host community selects its leaders. 

You may compare the new things you have learned to what you already know. You will ultimately realise the wealth of information you have that provides a culturally diverse touch. If you can make every trip as meaningful as this, you will always have a particular train of thought in appreciating the new people that come into your life.

Put away your smart devices

Tourism during your vacation is a great time to have a meaningful experience. However, the best way to relive and tell people about the experiences you made is through the photos and videos you take. What if you could experience more meaningful moments if you stayed away from your phone, tablets, and laptops. Your intelligent devices may connect you to comfort zones back at home, distracting you from the whole new world unfolding around you. It is not too much to ask, but you can give yourself some break from your smart devices and enjoy the meaningful moments in your new environment.

Travelling around the world on your vacation is meant to relax and re-energise you. However, you could have more than just relaxation and create beautiful memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

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