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How to Apply False Eyelashes Like a Goddess

Though it may take a few attempts to get the hang of it, putting on fake lashes is extremely simple and should take no more than a few minutes once you have mastered it.

What are Eyelash Extensions?

At Lash Studio Chicago, clients can choose from a variety of styles and lengths of extensions. The team here is skilled in creating perfect lashes every time, so you can expect natural-looking results..

Traditional artificial eyelashes are placed directly on the skin. They have pre-designed depth and layers that do not consider your eye shape. On the other hand, extensions attach to the natural lashes. They may be tailored to provide precise depth and elongation to your eye shape for the desired appearance.

Individual synthetic lashes are applied to each natural eyelash to enhance length and volume. They are ideal for vacations, special occasions, or just having beautiful lashes every day. A complete set takes about an hour and a half to apply. 

Now that we know a bit about lashes and extensions, let’s jump right into the process of applying false lashes!

How to Apply Lashes Properly

Picking the Right Lash

Unfortunately, strip lashes do not come in a one-size-fits-all style, but that is okay! Do not be scared to alter the form of your fake eyelashes to accommodate your eye shape.

With hooded eyes, the crease of your eyelids is hidden, making it more challenging to select lashes that complement your face. There are plenty of brands that provide high-quality lash extensions. We recommend choosing a thin strip lash with a shorter length.

You may always clip a lash to make it more suited to your eye’s shape. However, take additional care and measure before trimming to avoid ruining the lash by cutting it too short.

Check Your Eyes

This is a simple step. First, measure the distance between your eyes and your nose. Use a cosmetics brush, gaze into a mirror, and put the brush from the inner corner to the outside border of the eye. That will give you an approximate estimate of your eye size.

Between the two, you should be able to fit the breadth of one of your eyes precisely. If your eyes have a slight overlap, they are categorized as close-set. By wearing lashes that are longer in the outer corners, you may create the appearance of drawing them apart. On the other hand, if the distance between your eyes is more than one eyeball, your eyes are considered wide-set. Therefore, you should focus on your lashes’ center and inner corner to pull your eyes closer together.

Taking Out the Lashes

While this may seem an easy step, it is critical when using fake eyelashes. Pulling the lash out improperly may cause it to break. However, do not be alarmed. Once you get the hang of it, it is pretty easy.

With the lashes pointing outwards, place the package beneath your nose. This may sound odd. However, it will assist you in identifying the left and right lashes, which are not usually indicated. Always use a lash applicator, and peel from the outside edge, never the inside corner, while removing. If you bend one part, you risk damaging the lashes, needing to trim the eyelash to fit on your eyelid.

Measurement and Trimming

Place the strip gently along your lash line to see whether it needs trimming. The strip should begin at the base of your natural lash. If the lash is placed too near the inner corner of the eye, it may irritate it. On the other hand, if your lashes hang over the outer corner of your eye, they will overly extend the eye and seem unnatural.

If you need to clip your lashes, always begin on the outer edge, and avoid cutting through the lashes. Instead, always cut at the vein and chop downward since chopping above may result in snipping off more than you planned.

Applying Glue

Now comes the enjoyable part: preparing your lashes with glue. Apply a slight coating of eyelash adhesive to the lash vein. When we mention the thin layer, we cannot emphasize this enough. If you use too much glue, it will be visible, it will take longer to set and dry, and it may irritate. Allow the adhesive to get sticky for a few seconds before placing the lash on your eyelid. Apply a dab of glue along your lash line and on your fake lashes for long-lasting lashes.

Attaching the Lashes

Here we go; it is time to put your lashes on your eye gently. We have a small tip for you: apply mascara first, then curl your falsies with a curler to add a bit more volume. This will assist you in the next phase: gluing your lashes together. Place them where your natural lash mass starts, look down, and push the strip against your eye, beginning in the middle and working your way out to the outside and inner corners of your eyelid.

Final Touches

Pinch your natural lashes and false lashes together to allow them to set. Next, squeeze the strip downward with your lash applicator, avoiding the presence of skin between your natural lashes and falsies. Once your lashes have completely set, gently press on the outside border of your lash and the inner lash line to provide an extra lift.

Removing Eyelashes

To carefully remove any remaining eyelash adhesive from your eyelid, we suggest using an oil-based cleanser or baby oil on a cotton swab. Then wash them with water to remove the residues.

Now you know how to put on fake lashes. Be sure to note that practice makes perfect. The application process will get better with time, and you will even need less time to put them on ideally after a few days.

Eyelash Extension Course for Starting up a Business

Applying eyelashes correctly can be a difficult task if you are a novice, or sometimes you might not have enough time to do it by yourself. If that’s the case, it is probable that you go to a salon to do it quickly. 

So, if you have the experience, you can become an eyelash installer yourself or take the best lash extension training course to learn how to do it properly.

Let us consider that you are opening up a business. An eyelash extension course can help you with that. To begin a new profession as an eyelash technician, you must first enroll in an eyelash extension course. Then, you will learn the necessary instruments of the trade and get your certification to do expert eyelash extensions.

You may anticipate gaining a thorough understanding of what it takes to be an eyelash technician. The class covers knowledge of the many kinds of lashes and how to style them, the various eye shapes you may meet, and maintaining optimal health and safety, including allergy avoidance.

It typically takes 3-5 days to complete a course. You can choose between an online or in-person format. Your training will cost between $175 and $2000. However, keep in mind that specific programs may include training materials such as lash extensions, glue, and application equipment in the fee, while in other courses you have to purchase these items yourself. However, you can retain it after the course is finished.

Now that we know about the course, complete the course to make a professional career out of it!

Other Tips

While completing a course is just fine, working in an established salon can boost your hands-on experience to another level. Working at a local salon may be an excellent way for novice lash technicians to get their feet wet in the lash technician industry.

You will learn how to interact with clients and learn how a company is handled, from scheduling appointments to providing excellent customer service from the established employees around you.

Reach out through telephone, email, or, ideally, face-to-face, and offer your services as freshly trained lash artists. Of course, a company in need of more assistance would jump at the chance to have you on board!

Even if there are no open jobs on their team at the moment, request a week of shadowing another lash specialist since even this tiny sample will help you gain experience.

Continue to broaden your skill set and your thoughts! There is always something new to learn — even the most seasoned eyelash specialist does not know it all.

Consider enrolling in a Russian volume course after you have completed your foundation training and are up and running. Even when you have established yourself and amassed a sizable clientele, maintain your education by attending conferences, joining contests, and providing training to aspiring lash technicians.

Bear in mind that nothing worthwhile is simple, and investing time and effort into your training and company development will pay off in the long run.


In this article, we discussed eyelashes and how to apply them properly. Moreover, we gave some tips and advice if you want to make a career and open a business out of it! So, practice more to master the art of having voluminous lashes, own the eyelash game, and keep being awesome. Good luck!

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