Why Record Players Are Making a Comeback

person near vinyl record player on brown surface

Music has been popular since the dawn of civilization. However, how people listen to it has drastically changed. Yet despite the advent of digital music – and streaming services like Spotify offering the chance to listen to almost any track you can think of in an instant – old-school record players are coming back into fashion. So, if you’ve been considering hopping on board the vinyl train, here are just a few of the reasons why you should take the leap.

The Audio Quality Is Legendary

If you have never listened to music on vinyl, you are missing out. A record player has a distinctive sound that can’t be beaten, bringing songs to life in a whole new way. The sound is warmer and more immersive, and none of the elements are compressed in the way that they are with digital tracks. The analog format adds richness and depth to the music, which many people feel is more analogous to a live performance than when listening on other devices. That smooth sound and characteristic soft crackle between tracks also create an instant nostalgic atmosphere while you’re listening.

You’re Not Limited to Vinyl

If you currently don’t own any vinyl records, you might think it’s pointless to buy a record player. While you will want to boost your vinyl collection if you buy one, you’re not necessarily limited to only playing records. Nowadays, you can choose a record player that also can play cassette tapes, CDs, and digital music via Bluetooth. That way, all your audio needs are met in one player, allowing you to add new vinyl records to your collection as quickly or slowly as you like. You might even make some new friends when hunting through records at music stores and local markets.

They Add Instant Glamor to a Room

There’s no denying that having a classic record player in your home adds instant glamor and elegance to the space. It can be an ideal conversation starter when guests come over, whether it’s sharing a passion for vinyl with a fellow enthusiast or introducing the joys of this style of music to a newbie. These days you can find all sorts of designs in terms of size, color, shape, and so on, meaning that you’re guaranteed to find a style that speaks to you and suits your home.

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You Can Make Listening to Music a Ritual

In today’s fast-paced world, there’s a lot to be said for taking some time out and slowing down, and enjoying listening to music on an authentic record player is a fantastic way to do this. The motion of sliding a vinyl from its sleeve, putting it onto the turntable, moving the tonearm, and placing the needle in the grooves of the record can all become part of a relaxing ritual where you sit back with a drink and focus on nothing but the music. It’s a brilliant way to get away from screens for a while and appreciate something a little more old-fashioned but no less moving. 

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