4 of the Best European Baby Formulas

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If you carry out research, you will find that there are over 50 baby formula products in the U.S. market, so the parents have a lot of choice. They can select a formula made in the conventional way, from soy, or organic milk. There are products also for colicky, gassy, and fussy infants. The U.S. FDA also keeps a close watch to ensure there are adequate vitamins and nutrients. There are strict rules on how they can be produced and packaged.

And yet, many U.S. parents are now opting for organic baby formula. There is a huge demand for these products. Many caregivers say that the European brands offer some unique formula options, such as milk obtained from pasture-raised cows or goats. There is a huge demand for these products. Many caregivers say that the European brands offer some unique formula options, such as milk obtained from pasture-raised cows or goats. These options are non-existent in the U.S.. Other parents are buying European formulas because they believe they are better in quality and that the European regulations are stricter than the U.S..

Here Are Some Benefits of European Formulas

  1. More options – The milk is sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised goats and cows
  2. Animals are raised at biodynamic farms that follow ethical practices
  3. The organic products are of a better quality
  4. The European Commission is stricter compared to the US-FDA

You will find all types of products from Europe. HiPP from Holland makes some of the best formulas. Here are their leading products: 

HiPP Dutch Baby Formula


You will find many products from the HiPP Dutch Baby Formula stable. Stage 1 is often a top choice for many new parents. Many experts too believe that this formula is a gold standard in the category because of the many nutrients present there and its organic nature. The presence of so many nutrients ensures all the growing requirements of the baby. It also has a favorable taste. Babies can digest this product easily.

The HiPP Stage 1 can be given to infants exclusively or together with breast milk for their nutritional requirement. Also, those on Stage 1 can move to the next stages easily as they grow.

This is an extremely safe formula milk as it doesn’t have any GMO, which is why it meets all the strictest European regulations. HiPP Stage 1 is also free of all preservatives, gluten, soy, Sucrose, starch, and corn syrups. Its main constituents are organic vegetables, organic skim milk, and Lactose. It also has many minerals, vitamins, probiotics, and DHAs that further support the development and growth needs of the babies.

HiPP Stage 2


It is time to shift to HiPP Dutch Stage 2 when the infant has reached the age of 6 months. Like the Stage 1 product, this formula as well doesn’t have any GMOs. Babies who haven’t consumed formula before can also start with Stage 2 safely. Those who require breast milk supplementation can also take this product without any risk.

There is a difference between the Stage 1 and Stage 2 products. The main difference is that, Stage 2 has more essential nutrients and they are adjusted with the increasing age and requirements of the baby. HiPP Dutch Stage 2 contains organic whey, organic skim milk, organic lactose, organic vegetable fats, and many minerals and vitamins for the growing infant.

It also has Omega 6 and 6 fatty acids unlike the Stage 1 product. The Omega acids are very important for the brain and nervous system components.

HiPP Dutch Baby Formula Stage 1 and 2 formula milks are both very good, depending on which product is good for your baby. You can get both of them at TheBestFromJapan.com.

HiPP Hypoallergenic


This product from Europe has also become very popular in recent times. Many experts too recommend the HiPP Hypoallergenic Stage 1 formula, especially for the babies who cannot tolerate cow milk. It is good for those with cow milk sensitivity because it can break down the proteins in the milk into smaller portions efficiently.

As a result, the digestive system of the baby won’t have to work overtime or adjust for breaking down the proteins. Thus, they will be able to digest the formula easily. Also, the proteins in this formula are all from whey and not from casein, which too makes this quite unique. The infants who are on this product won’t show allergic reactions and won’t have bloating, constipation, eczema, and gassiness.

Also, the HiPP Stage 1 formula resembles the taste of milk from the breasts, which makes it easy for the infants to take it regularly. It’s essential constituents include omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, vegetable oils, prebiotics, and probiotics. It also contains organic starch that not just thickens up the product, but also makes the texture favorable for the babies. However, the parents can also buy this product without starch, which further improves digestion and provides relief from any discomfort.

HiPP Anti Reflux


HiPP Anti Reflux from Europe is recommended for the infants who show symptoms of regurgitation or the ones who spit after food after consumption. Spitting up milk concerns the parents a great deal. They worry about the discomfort the young child experiences and also believe that the baby might not be getting enough nutrition. This Anti Reflux formula solves this problem. Infants of all ages can have this product, even those who have just started having solid foods.

It contains components such as organic lactose, whey proteins, and organic vegetable oil. It also has a special component that is called Locust Bean Gum or Carob Bean Gum that makes it creamier, which many babies love. It prevents regurgitation after consumption.

HiPP is a market leader from Europe. There are good formulas from some other companies too, such as Holle, Kendamil, Lebenswert, and Loulouka. Each product is a bit different. For example, Holle formula comes with A2 cow milk. This formulation is from a different breed of cow, which makes it different from the traditional formulas. Holle A2 can be a good choice for the infants who are lactose intolerant.

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