6 Destinations That Will Help You Find Yourself Through Mindful Traveling

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Mass tourism has made it hard to disconnect and travel mindfully. Wherever you go, there are so many people, especially people from English-speaking countries. This gives you the impression that you’re still at home and not travelling at all. While tourism supports travelling, mindful travelling doesn’t suppose mass tourism at all. 

A mindful traveller wants to have more in-depth experiences when they are on their trip. A spiritual journey will nonetheless assist you in reconnecting with your soul and gaining personal growth. 

God knows there’s nothing wrong with sipping a cocktail in some good five star resort (we would all want that after a long day at work). However, if you want something more meaningful and spiritual, here are a few of the best locations to travel to, places where luxury equals reflection, gratitude, and a better sense of self.

Meet the dramatic landscape of Alaska

Alaska, nicknamed “The Great Land,” is renowned for being an eco-conscious traveller’s paradise with its immense wilderness and shifting landscapes. The trees, huge tundra, and snow-capped mountains, which stand silently and solemnly, show the immense energy and power of nature. 

After spending a lot of time in cities, it is easy to lose sight of the raw beauty of our world. The peacefulness of Alaska’s wilderness serves to entice, awaken the imagination, and remind us of this. Its various state parks are the ideal locations for exploration and amazement, helping us to refocus with each step and experience a sense of connection as we give in to our primitive desire to be in nature.

Enjoy the northern lights in Iceland

Each visitor learns balance, mindfulness, and genuine empathy from Icelanders because of their strong regard for their environment, which is something that Icelanders want to instil in all of its citizens. It is a magical experience to watch the Aurora Borealis from Reykjavik’s coast; you’ll feel as though you are hovering between a dream and reality. 

The breathtaking views inspire people to reflect, question where they came from and rise above the ordinary. Not to mention that taking a bath in a natural geothermal pool can restore both the body and the psyche. The metropolitan areas also give you a rare glimpse into a diverse but hospitable culture, which you may discover appeals to you.

Meditate on Bali 

Beautiful mountain communities, luxuriant vegetation, ancient temples, and breathtaking beaches come together to form a huge and singular landscape that has influenced the cultural identity of its inhabitants. 

Unquestionably, one of the top vacation spots for thoughtful travellers is the island of Bali. The majority of Bali resorts include yoga retreats as part of the package, promoting community and meditation for the common objective of spiritual renewal. 

The Bali Vegan Festival, which takes place every year and is billed as “a celebration of the animals, the environment, and the earth,” is another option. It’s a festival with a focus on the community that doesn’t simply promote veganism but also explores alternative lifestyles. It is therefore accessible to everyone seeking new experiences and opportunities to learn.

If all this sounds exciting, make sure you check Bali accommodation deals to reserve the best ones on time.

Hike through Egypt

Egypt is a nation rich in history and legends from long ago. When you are in front of The Great Pyramid of Giza, you can’t help but feel humbled and want to explore the mysteries and learn more. The Sinai Peninsula and Mount Sinai are located across the Gulf of Suez, and according to the Bible, this is where Moses received the Ten Commandments. 

It’s a location where the sense that our entire existence is a fascinating enigma in and of itself overtakes you. Together with a Bedouin community guide, you can experience a spiritual trip and discover something new that will broaden your perspective on the world and life itself.

The sapphire colour of the sea surrounded by desert hills will make an impression for sure.

Visit the sacred Kailash mountain

Mount Kailash, a stunning and menacing mountain in the westernmost region of the Tibetan Plateau, is revered in Buddhism, Hinduism, Bon, and Jainism. 

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A hike (or rather, kora) at Mount Kailash will offer a spiritual trip on which you will learn, contemplate, and question as your feet carry you on a 52km pilgrimage around its base if you are fascinated and impressed by the wise, calm, and cosmically aware philosophy of eastern religions. 

The journey to the Mount itself takes some time, and the great altitude makes the pilgrimage physically demanding. The immense power of every moment we have, though, is highlighted by travels like these.

Meet the unforgettable Tasmanian scenery

Australia is a destination noted for its incredible biodiversity, nature, and beauty; as a result, the entire nation resembles a pilgrimage for individuals seeking to hike in secluded areas and find tranquillity. 

Northwestern Tasmania’s Tarkine region is revered for its exceptional and unadulterated beauty. Travellers can experience secluded waterfalls, pure rivers, myrtle rainforests, stunning mountaintops, and coastlines on hikes through the unspoiled national parks of Tasmania

This area, one of Australia’s greatest resources, is the sanctuary for several native mammals as well as more than 60 rare and endangered species. It’s conceivably one of the best locations for getting back in touch with nature and realizing how powerful our connection to the world is.

These are some of the suggestions when it comes to the best destinations for mindful travellers. Don’t forget that the destination is secondary and that true mindfulness and peace come from the inside. Knowing this, if you want to achieve personal growth and disconnect from the crowd and noise, these destinations will certainly help you achieve that. 

Article by Mark Bingham

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