Writer Of The Month: July

The greatest thing about Literally, Darling is our writers. We started out small, with barely five people, and now in just under 3 months we’ve grown thirty strong. We have some powerhouse writers on our staff, and we want you to get to know them better. So each month we’re going to be picking a writer of the month- someone who’s really stood out that month, who’s kicked ass, taken names, and helped make Literally, Darling your go-to website (right? right.)

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The editors chose Kate for the first Literally, Darling writer of the month, because this is Kate’s first month with us; and she is kicking ass. Kate started our Literally Links segment that runs each Sunday. Did someone say group post? Kate’s all over that. One month in, and she’s doing awesome- we can’t wait to see what she does at month two. So, Kate, welcome to Literally, Darling, and great job!


A Matter of Faith


Kate made her L,D debut with an article about faith. Talking about her experiences with religion, Kate goes through and explains her atheism, and how it has lead her to interacting with the world, and those in it who believe. It’s a wonderful article that explores different faith systems other than the typical organized religion.

Deep Fried Southern Racism


In this article, Kate went back to her southern roots and talked about the Paula Dean scandal that (inexplicably) rocked the nation for a few weeks. She contests the allegation that all southerners are racist, and attempts to dispel some of the stereotypes.

Violence In Belfast: Understanding the Twelth of July


Have you ever watched the news and thought “I know this is really important, but I don’t have any idea what’s going on?” Well during the summer protests in Belfast, Kate wrote up a crash course guide to understanding the history and motives behind the violence that has scarred Belfast. One of our most in-depth political pieces, “Violence in Belfast: Understanding the Twelfth of July”

Check out more of Kate’s work here.


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