Why Buying Pre-loved Clothing Is More Important Than Ever

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By Zyana Morris 

I admit that I love shopping. But don’t be so quick to judge me. My shopping habits are not detrimental to the world, unlike the current trend of Fast Fashion, and they’re usually not indulgences to escape from the stress in my life either. Shopping doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure and here’s why. Enter: Pre-loved Shopping.

Pre-loved shopping refers to buying clothes, bags, jewelry, and other accessories that have already been used by someone else and now they are up for sale for a second time.

Normally, items included in pre-loved products are often priced very low as compared to buying that product new; i.e. directly off the shelf.

The premium that we have to pay to have exclusive rights to be the first consumer to use the product is eliminated in pre-loved shopping and the preloved consumer can enjoy the same product for a drastically reduced price. It’s definitely a tantalizing offer that many cannot afford to miss out on .

Whether you are a shopaholic or broke — the main factors that direct most people towards secondhand buying — this way of shopping has far more benefits than simply serving as retail therapy. If you are new to the idea, let me introduce the glory and wisdom there is in pre-loved buying.

1. Pre-loved buying saves you a ton of money!

When you buy pre-loved items you do not have to compromise on quality but can enjoy reduced prices — an average a 50% reduction — on the clothes, shoes, bags or other accessories that you are getting. Get high fashion brands from wholesale clothing boutiques without crushing your bank account. The same can be said for those who want to make extra money using selling apps and turning clothes into pure cash. If you think that by buying pre-loved you may be compromising on the hygiene standards of the item, know that many shops that stock pre-loved items only accept donations that are clean and in good condition Additionally, these stores rewash everything with antibacterial detergent sheets. You don’t need a graduate certificate in finance to turn a profit buying and selling thrift store items but it may help if you have one. The truth is that small enterprises such as this can be a profitable second income if you’re smart.  

But remember, do use common sense, people, and do not buy second hand intimates. Why? Not because they are going to be dirty, but because it’s just not smart. It’s not a trench coat that you can proudly display. There is no good reason to get into someone else’s undies when you can wear your own.

2. It’s sustainable and more eco-friendly.

This is an equal motivator for me to the cheaper prices. I use natural beauty and hygiene products, conserve whatever energy I use, never throw away leftover food, and donate my own items always. When we buy second hand we are supporting the Retail industry and keeping good quality clothing from being tossed into the trash and ending up in a land-fill.

The documentary True Cost narrates the negative environmental impact of seasonal fashion updates. So instead of just following trends and buying every other month, you can invest in some sturdy and stylish high quality products that will last you for several years.

This habit will also shift your style toward a more classic and elegant look which I personally think is so much more chic. Also, being green is cool and being a waste-creating consumer dictated by the elite fashion moguls is not.

3. Your money goes to local small business owners. 

By making the choice to shop pre-loved you will support the local businesses in your area that depend on obtaining these clothes, sorting and cleaning them, and then redistributing them to the market. Instead of helping millionaire designers make more money, don’t you think it’s better to support these businesses that are actually recycling perfectly good items that could have been trashed? The local economy needs to be shown support if the country’s economy is to grow and that only can be done if we opt more toward involving them in our transactions, making sure that they have cash on rotation to power their business forward. Pre-loved buying is one such way in which the weak local economy can be bolstered and provided with a bit more impetus to thrive and grow forward.

4. You stand out.

When you buy second hand you are more likely to find unique, retro pieces. This is a great fashion reason to adopt this buying habit. No one wants to wear what everyone else is wearing and we all want our unique fashion sense to shine through. Pre loved goods will bring you to the top of your fashion game because you will have access to so many different styles. And you will be able to afford more which means more room for experimentation – just imagine being able to play around with 1950s men’s fashion in your day-to-day look?

5. Buying pre-loved is more ethical and humane.

Other than saving the environment there are some strong reasons that make secondhand shopping a more ethical way to buy and consume. Firstly you help reduce the exploitation of poor countries through pre loved shopping.

Most of our clothes, and especially the fast fashion brands like H &M, Zara, Top Shop and Levis are manufactured in poor countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Indonesia where workers are paid minimum and utilized till the end of their ability. This exploitation also includes bonded and child labor and incidents of deaths of workers because of extremely poor working conditions, including, fires and building collapses.

Today’s great fashion brands have not paid much attention to these problems and have largely remained mum on the subject of inhumane working conditions. What they really care about are their profit, but if you care, then you can show the industry that, by not giving them your hard earned cash.

There is great value in buying second hand and I can personally vouch for the fact that it’s totally worth it. Jewelry, designer labeled clothes, interior décor items and fashion accessories are some of my favorite items to buy second hand. So, if you want to start with pre-loved buying, it’s good to start with handbags, bracelets, jackets and other similar accessories, because those things can be handy, even if they are not fashionably good looking, and they will give you a great feeler on what to buy and how to buy in preloved shopping. Practice your bargaining skills at first and then move on to narrowing down on things you like and in no time, you’ll be a pro, advising others on what you find immensely beneficial and above all highly enjoyable, fun and worthwhile.

About Zyana

Zyana Morris is a passionate fashion and lifestyle blogger who loves to write about prevailing trends. She is a featured author at various authoritative blogs in the lifestyle, fashion, parenting, health, and fitness industry.

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