4 Apps To Practice Sexual Self Care

Sexual self-care is all about connecting with one’s own desires and acting on them. It’s about improving your sexual experiences and using these as a tool to boost your overall well being. To help you navigate the world of sexual-self care, there are plenty of apps that can help!

 1. Dipsea 

The Dipsea app offers sexy audio stories, to inspire your imagination and get you in the mood. The application offers plenty of how-tos and wellness sessions, especially designed to ‘empower you in the bedroom’. There’s plenty of content here to have fun with including bite-sized stories, wellness lessons, meditations, and soundscapes. All sexy stories are labeled, so you know exactly what you’re getting, (keeping this app a safe space). All of the stories from Dipsea are ‘sex-positive, clearly consensual, and inclusive.’

2 . Emjoy

Emjoy is an app that was designed for sexual self-care, the application can help users to boost their sexual wellness. Here you’ll find a variety of features, such as articles, goal setting, intimate audio guides, wellbeing sessions, and plenty more. Scientific research has often linked mental health and sex, and with the Emjoy app, users can work on improving their sexual wellness. Using Emjoy individuals can reconnect with their bodies and minds, enhance body image, and improve partner interactions. When it comes to sex during the pandemic, self-care apps like Emjoy have become increasingly popular.

3. Ferly 

Creators of Ferly believe that ‘sexual self-care is about tuning in to one’s own needs and desires, then responding.’ Sex can feel complicated, whether it’s discovering your own desires, or learning how to express them with others. The Ferly app was created to help users to get more out of their sexual experiences, and improve their wellness along the way. 

There are plenty of features to take advantage of, including guided practices, sensual stories, pleasure picks, a sex journal, challenges, and article content. So what are you waiting for, by yourself some sexy lingerie and get ready to learn some new things!

4. Lover

The Lover app is just like your very own ‘personal sex therapist’, here to help you improve your sex life. The application offers a wide range of guides and science-backed content, helping you to explore and reflect on your sex life. There are educational games, videos, and written guides. Whatever your goals are, the Lover app can help you to achieve them. From improving intimacy with your partner, to gaining self-confidence, the app can help you with all this and more. The app is all about self-discovery and having lots of fun along the way.

Building up self-care practices can take time, and so you’ll need to have a little patience before seeing results. Each of these apps have been designed to help people to improve their sex lives, and practice self-care in a fun and explorative way. Taking the time to deepen your connection with your body is the perfect way to boost your endorphins and lift your mood.

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