How to Manage the Chaos of Family Life

There is no escaping the fact that becoming a parent can be a significant shock for many people. The weight of responsibility that comes from taking care of tiny humans that are entirely dependent on you can be a heavy load to carry, and life can become extremely full-on. When you are trying to juggle life as an employee, a parent, a partner, a daughter, and all those other roles you need to fulfil, it is little wonder many mums feel like they are crazy busy but not getting much done. If this sounds familiar to you, and you feel like you are trapped on a hamster wheel with no hope of it stopping anytime soon, these tips should help. Managing the chaos of family life is never an easy task, and life with kids will always be demanding, but these hacks should help make it a little simpler.

Choose Time-Saving Shortcuts

No one can single-handedly do everything, even parents with superhuman multitasking powers. So, whenever an opportunity to save yourself some time comes along, you need to grab it with both hands. If going to the supermarket to buy your grocery shopping is turning into a tantrum-fuelled disaster, why put yourself through it? Getting your shopping delivered to your home will save you both time and hassle. This principle also applies to picking up prescriptions. Remembering to order medication and then making sure you go and collect it before you run out can be challenging when your life is hectic. Instead, it is much easier to order your NHS prescription online so you have it when you need it.

Avoid the Morning Meltdowns

Mornings can be a stressful time in many households. Attempting to get the kids and yourself ready and out the door and then get them to school on time is no mean feat. In fact, after you have dropped them off, you may be ready for a lie down in a dark room. Anything you can do to make your morning less stressful is sure to be welcomed. One simple but really effective way to simplify your mornings is to do everything you possibly can the night before so that you only have to tackle the basics in the morning. So, making the packed lunches the night before, laying out the kids’ clothes ready for the next day, and packing school bags so that you don’t need to do these jobs in the morning can help. Doing as much preparation as possible enables you to avoid those shouty mum moments when you are searching for lost homework or a missing shoe before school. Instead, you can enjoy feeling calm and collected, knowing everything is under control. It is truly surprising how much difference it can make to your day when you start it in a calm mood. When you feel relaxed and in control, your kids will likely feel calmer and less likely to launch themselves into a morning meltdown, so it is good news all around.

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Write Everything Down

One major source of stress and chaos in family life is that there is always so much to do. Trying to keep up with dates for birthday parties, school trips, school photos, and everything else can be impossible. Trying to remember everything is a massive challenge, and you may find that every now and then, you forget something important. To prevent any critical dates from being missed, it is helpful to write everything down. When your mind is whirring with all the things you need to do, writing everything down is the best solution. Marking dates for events on a calendar right away is the best way to ensure nothing gets forgotten, but it is also handy to make a to-do list or two. Writing down everything that you need to do takes away the stress of trying to carry it all around in your head and means you are far less likely to forget anything. It only takes a minute to write a to-do list, but it can make a significant difference to your day and help you to feel so much more in control of your life.

Create a Routine

Creating a solid routine for your kids can be really beneficial. The kids may complain about having a set bedtime, but establishing a routine is an excellent way to help them feel more secure and settled in family life. Having a routine helps to eliminate some of the chaos that comes during crucial parts of the day. If getting your child to bed without disruption is something you are hoping to achieve, sticking with a routine can help with this. Once your child understands that they always go to bed at a specific time, they are more likely to accept this without an argument. 

Routines may sound boring, but the consistency they provide can be beneficial for every family member. A bedtime routine is essential to ensure your child gets enough sleep each night and to ensure you get an evening to yourself to relax.

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Don’t Forget Yourself

Do you find that you are always the first one to get up each morning and the last to go to bed at night? Maybe you always eat your dinner after everyone else despite being the one that took the time to cook it. As a mum, it is easy to slip into the habit of putting your needs in last place. While making sure the kids are safe and healthy is a priority, it is crucial that you don’t forget about yourself and your own needs

Carving out a little bit of time in your day that is solely for you may seem like an impossible task, but making it happen can have massive benefits. Thinking about your own wants and needs, who you are, and how you like to spend your time is essential. It is making these pockets of time for yourself that restore you and ensure you don’t lose sight of yourself. 

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