4 Beauty Hacks for Your Lips You Need to Know 

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Our lips are one of our most prominent features, especially when it comes to beauty, and the main reason is that they literally encapsulate our smile. It is no secret that tweaks and downright significant changes have been common amongst people wanting a different shape or plumpness to their lips. However, if you are someone who would like to avoid getting surgery or fillers but still want to make your lips look the best they can, then here are some hacks you can try out for yourself!

Sculpt Your Lips with A Pencil 

For those who want to avoid needles, fillers, and the side effects that can often come with them, just a simple lip pencil could give you the sculpted results you are looking for. Over-lining your lips is nothing new, but with this hack, a little goes a long way.

The idea is to only slightly over-line your top lip and cupids bow, keeping it close to the natural line, and then to over-line under the bottom lip, but not to the corners of the mouth.

Make Your Lipstick Last

Lipstick can look great, but it can also look a little… worse for wear after a couple of hours. In between eating, drinking, and any other mouth activities that you can think of, lipstick starts to crumble and crust, smear, or wipe away at the inner edges giving us an ombre to natural look we did not ask for. For those who are looking for their lipsticks to have more staying power – here is the hack for you. Use a lipliner to fill in your lips first before you use your lipstick, apply one to two coats of lipstick over your liner, and then use a thin layer of translucent powder for some real sticking power. You can also try using some of your normal foundation or concealer on your lips before putting on your lipstick to make the color more lasting. 

Do Not Underestimate the Power of Exfoliation

Exfoliation and lips have not often been mentioned in the same vein until recent years, but realistically it is no surprise that every part of our skin can benefit from some exfoliation – lips are no different.

Scrubs that have been designed for lips are now a best seller, though you can use a toothbrush or towel (gently!) to remove any dead skin and get that circulation pumping around.

Not only can this make your lips much smoother, but it also gives you an even canvas to apply your lip products to and helps avoid any flaking!

Use Eyeliner and Eyeshadow for Unique Colors 

Buying countless amounts of lipsticks and glosses in different colors can definitely add up – not to mention that it is impossible to wear them all regularly before they start to discolor or reach their sell by date. This little hack can save you a bunch of money and waste, but just be sure to use an eyeliner and eyeshadow that is completely safe to use on your lips as certain ingredients can be absorbed through the skin.

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