7 Simple Tips to Improve Your Sleep Routine

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Getting quality sleep is the key to leading a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, most people get deprived of sleep due to numerous job responsibilities, house chores, and other mundane but obligatory daily activities. If you wish to improve your sleep routine and in turn boost your immune system and alleviate your mood swings, you need to try out some of the following tips. Here are some of the simplest, yet most productive ways you can improve your sleep routine and revive your health and lifestyle.

Avoid caffeine, late-night dinner, alcohol, and tobacco

There’s no denying that most of us have a few negative habits that we are not proud of, but what we fail to comprehend is that those things can badly affect our sleeping patterns. Hence if we strive to improve our sleep routine, we should cut down on some addictive things that keep us awake. For instance, caffeine is a harmful stimulant that can keep you awake at night, as well as tea, cola, and some alcoholic beverages. So avoid those. Plus, it’s advisable to avoid late-night dinners because your stomach can become bloated, making you uneasy and depriving you of sleep. The same is true with tobacco. 

Find a quality mattress

Very often, the reason why we didn’t sleep well at night is that we happen to have a bad mattress. Having a quality mattress can significantly improve your sleep. The key is to get a sturdy and comfortable mattress with memory foam that offers perfect body support. Also, you need to find a good mattress that can help regulate your sleep and help alleviate some bodily pain that you are experiencing. You can click here and search for such mattresses, read some of the experts’ reviews and find the one that is suitable for you. 

Set a steady bedtime schedule

If your goal is to improve your sleep routine, you should focus on creating a clear bedtime schedule. This implies clearing your mind of things that keep you up at night.  Leave all your obligations that don’t require your urgent attention, have a long soothing bath prior to going to bed, avoid checking emails, delegate tasks, and aim to get to bed before 10 pm. By incorporating a steady bedtime schedule, you can have a long, tranquil, and sound sleep. Not only that, but by staying consistent in your bedtime schedule, you can improve your sleep routine in the long run.

Exercise mildly

Running around the town, and performing job-related duties doesn’t count as exercise. Being physically active throughout the day is crucial for having a sound sleep. What’s more, if you were to do some mindful but fun exercises, you would not only improve the quality of your sleep routine but also improve your physical and mental health. This being said, try to do yoga or pilates before bedtime. Going for a mild stroll around the neighborhood is also a good idea because it can accelerate your blood rate enabling you to sleep better. By doing a few stretching exercises, for example, you would surely improve your sleep routine.

Implement a “no-light” notion

Ditch watching TV for hours or checking your social media accounts for endless scrolling before you go to bed, as this makes your body more alert. One research has stated that a person can significantly improve their sleep routine if they control their light exposure because the reason for having trouble falling asleep is often caused by too many light-inspired features. Hence, ditch the gadgets, close the blinds or install blackout shades, turn off all the lights, especially the flashing screen of your smartphone, and avoid reading your Kindle every night. In this manner, you would improve the sleep hormone (melatonin) and have a more restful night.

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Go to sleep when you are tired

If you are already struggling to fall asleep, maybe you are doing something completely wrong. To save yourself from agitation, instead of going to bed at a designated hour, so you would have your casual eight hours of sleep, go to bed when you are truly tired. Some people don’t need those eight hours, but rather six so they could function well. If you are not tired, read a book, do a word scramble, listen to music, or do anything that makes you feel relaxed until you are tired enough to fall asleep.

Implement a sleep-inducing environment

A serene, dark, and quiet environment are what you should strive for if you wish to have a good sleep. For instance, it’s been reported that an adequate sleeping environment involves sleeping in a cool bedroom. This and many other environmental things may impede your regular sleep patterns. Alter your sleep environment by placing lavender or chamomile aromatherapy diffusers, using pillow mist scents, adding lovely candles, and playing soothing music to improve your sleep routine.

Establish a soothing pre-sleep routine by following the above-mentioned pieces of advice and you won’t ever have trouble with your sleep habits.

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