How to Keep the Spark Alive in Your Long Term Relationship

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Everyone wants to feel loved and wanted by their partner. However, after dating for a while, the spark may fade out and the other person could stop doing all the things they were initially doing to woo their special someone. And once it comes to that, it can certainly make the relationship dull and even kill it eventually.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to keep the sparkle going between you and your loved one, no matter what your sexual preferences are. From making small changes in yourself to being flirtatious, the key is to make conscious efforts that will make your partner want you like they always have. It is important that you do your best in keeping things as interesting as possible so your lover will crave you and miss you more.

If you need help along the way, here is a list of five tips to make your special someone want you desperately. 

Stay mysterious

A great way to keep your lover craving you is to stay mysterious. Creating mystery will certainly make them curious and they will do everything they can to find out more about you, your life, and your interests. 

This is especially true when you first meet someone you like at a bar or through gay classified ads where you shouldn’t tell them everything about yourself because you want them to keep thinking about you. When there is a mystery in the relationship, both at the beginning and after dating for a while, there is also curiosity, intrigue, and desire. It is basically the energy that will turn them on and crave you more. 

Make eye contact

Sometimes it takes a simple thing like eye contact to make your partner want you desperately. The thing about eye contact is that it has an undeniable power that helps partners build a stronger and deeper connection with each other. It strengthens their bond and increases intimacy, which is something that will be significantly beneficial for your relationship.

So, next time you are together, try eye gazing for an extended amount of time so you can create an emotional connection and build trust. As you are doing it, try to bring your breathing into synchronization with your partner for greater effects.

Compliment your partner often

Everyone can benefit from a positive compliment every now and then, especially your partner. So, flattering your lover from time to time can certainly make them feel good about themselves, thinking you are very attracted to them which will in turn simply intensify their feelings for you. 

Remember to not restrict your compliments only to their looks. In fact, tell them how you appreciate them doing things for you to make you feel happy, loved, and satisfied. Giving them compliments like these will reinstill their self-confidence and they will undoubtedly start loving you more. 

Show him affection

In addition to verbally showing your partner how much you appreciate them, it is important that you also show them physical affection. This can be anything from making conscious touches they don’t expect to thoughtful gestures that will show them how much you love them and how much they mean to you. 

For instance, when you are out in the park alone or attending a party at your friend’s house, a nice little hand squeeze or peck on the cheek may be just enough to show your significant other you care about them. 

Spice up your relationship with variety

Another effective thing you can try to keep your partner craving you more is to spice up your relationship with variety. There are plenty of ways you can keep that flame flickering and make your lover want you more immediately.

For instance, instead of doing the typical date night when they come to pick you up and take you to dinner, you can take it up a notch by traveling separately to the date location and pretending to meet each other again. 

Don’t forget to be spontaneous and try new things that you wouldn’t normally do. 

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Final thoughts

After dating for a while, there is always the possibility of losing the sparkle you once had with your partner. However, instead of waiting for your relationship to start crumbling down, you should take matters into your own hands and seduce your lover once again. Not only will doing so strengthen your bond, but it will also keep them craving you more. For more help, borrow some of our ideas and keep your flame going at all times. 

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