Five Things to Gift to New Cat Parents

gifts for new cat parents

Getting a new pet is exciting and feline lovers becoming first-time cat parents will be so delighted by the idea of having a kitty that they might forget to buy some essentials. They might not know about everything they need for a feline if they have not owned one before. Alternatively, you might be shopping for a few extra items to help your friends or family members make the new feline addition to their lives feel welcome. Here are some excellent gift ideas to tickle any cat, and its parent’s, fancy:

Kitty health products

While cats have strong survival instincts, this does not make them invulnerable to health problems. An organic cat multivitamin ensures that a feline gets all the relevant vitamins and minerals it needs for optimal health. Keeping a cat on multivitamins is essential to its long-term health. Therefore, why not gift new cat parents a few months’ supply? Look for popular brands like Vet’s Best, Nutri Vet, Scruffy Paws Nutrition, Only Natural Pet and Spectrin to get the best variety and something that will really help your cat live a healthy life.

Other cat supplements work to protect a feline’s immune system. Cats are susceptible to feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), compromising their quality and length of life. Cats with FIV are vulnerable to secondary infections as their immune systems do not function correctly. Another supplement worth having for a cat is one that minimizes UTIs (urinary tract infections). Felines tend to contract these because they do not drink sufficient water.

Cat tunnel

A popular favorite is a cat tunnel, which appeals to a cat’s need to stalk, prowl, and play. Tunnels play a similar role to a cardboard box, but without the associated mess of it being ripped apart. Cat tunnels encourage felines to explore the world around them. Tunnels range from single-direction models to those that offer multi-directional travel. Most are collapsible and made from strong nylon fabrics that are resistant to sharp kitty claws. This makes them easy to store and durable.

Cat tunnels also include some hanging toys for additional playtime activities. A cat can pounce and bat at these hanging toys for extra enjoyment while getting from one end of its tunnel to another. Cat parents should keep the tunnel packed away and only take it out at playtime. The cat will begin to associate it with quality human contact and become excited whenever they see it.

A traditional favorite

Toy mice are a classic choice you cannot go wrong with as they stimulate a cat’s hunting instinct. Felines will spend hours playing with a toy mouse, stalking it, pouncing on it, and swiping it around. Toy mice have come a long way in recent decades. They no longer come in natural colors, so feel free to choose a brightly colored one that cat parents will find easy to locate. A toy mouse with a bell inside it is also a good idea as cats are attracted to the sound it makes when moved around.

Some toy mice come filled with catnip, which is kitty kryptonite, as no feline seems able to resist it. However, it might be advisable to buy a regular toy mouse and let the new cat parents decide if they want their fur baby to indulge in catnip or not. Ensure your selected toy mouse is made from durable materials, as cats can be a little hard on their rodent prey toys.

Scratch and perch toys

A quick online search reveals that elaborate cat toys are readily available. They have a sturdy base to prevent them from tipping over and hurting a feline. The wooden posts are typically covered in carpet-like materials or wrapped in sisal rope. They also feature a few places for a cat to perch or take a nap.

These structures are a perfect gift because they supply a kitty with hours of entertainment, help keep their nails under control, and give them agility practice in leaping and climbing.

Choose one with an enclosed space or kitty ‘hideout’ where the cat can retreat when it needs some privacy and an open perching spot. Another factor that makes these products great gifts is that most are compact and will not take up too much space in the cat parents’ home. Additionally, they can be moved around if necessary.

Gifts for the parents

Your gift does not need to be for the new feline. Instead, you could opt to spoil its new parents. Consider a family photo frame to use for a picture featuring them and their new fur baby. Alternatively, gift them with a photoshoot voucher to use once their new kitty has had a chance to settle into its new home.

Cat books that explain how to care for felines and train them could also be a helpful present for first-time cat parents. These books are always useful to consult, especially during a medical emergency, as they offer sound advice and guidelines for cat owners.

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